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Yetifur is a second level soak mutation which gives even more resistance against cold and buffs when you are cold. Upgrade for Yeti Skin. This mutation is popular among minmaxers, being the only soak mutation that gives a direct, permanent stat buff.


Yetifur is in the pit in Weezer Forest, one north of the bottom. Beware, as there are ice yetis and bears in the forest.


This mutation grants:

    +1 brawn
    +1-2 beat resistance
    +5-5 cold resistance
    -1--3 fire resistance
    Immunity to environmental cold
    +brains, +brawn when in cold areas
    Yetis will not attack you
    Bonus to Stench effectiveness
    +10 effective focus for Chiller
    Passive body temparature increase by +10°C
    +3 HP


  • +1 Brawn. Arguably the centerpiece of this mutation, this is a direct buff to any Brawn-based builds, and also contributes to gunners hitting their weapons' speedcaps.
  • 1-2 beat soak. This is a minor bonus, but it takes the edge off of Nimble Fingers.
  • Immunity to environmental cold. What this means in practical terms is that you can visit Weezer Dam, the Labyrinth, the Sky and Mount Fisty without having to worry about cold gear.
  • Buffs in the cold. They cap out at +2 brains, +3 brawn, and kick in whenever you're in a cold area. This is mostly used for crafters, who sit in their freezer for the extra brains.
  • No aggro from yetis. By the time most people get Yeti Fur, this is a non-issue.
  • Extra effectiveness for Stench. Stench is already very consistent on its own; with Yeti Fur, mobs hardly ever bypass it.
  • +10 Chiller Focus. This makes hitting Chiller's top-tier requirement of about 50 focus a lot more achievable, paring it down to about 40.
  • +3 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


  • -1 - -3 fire soak. This increases the power of Carrie use against you, which is a very popular mutation. It also makes Ants and a certain inhabitant of Coventry Island more difficult to deal with.
  • +10°C body temperature. This stacks with the +10 from Yeti Fur, and will make you miserable any time you enter a hot area. Introduces a lot of micromanagement; keffiyeh and dishdashas must be worked into most armor sets (penalizing thickness). Chiller vomit helps too.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

S/He is covered in shaggy white fur.

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