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I'm Quitting and i have devised a contest to find an heir to inherit my fabulous wealth. By my best guess i have around 10mil and probably around another 10mil between parts and piles of loot. If you win my contest i'll pay you almost all my money(i'll leave enough on my accounts that my apts won't autovacate) and AddResident you to the rooms of all my alts so you can loot them to your hearts content.

The Rules are simple, defeat the biggest thing you can from my tier list of monsters using any of the weapons listed below, i purposefully picked the most under used or hilarious weapons i could think of in every class. Some of the weapon classes just don't have a lot of weapons so there's a couple semi-normal ones on the list. Every weapon that you have the highest score in by the end of 08/31/19(midnight){central time} counts as a point. The player with the most points inherits my fabulous wealth. I'll try to keep a running tally of the current high scorers and hardest thing murdered on this page. You must solo everything up to the **Groups** line, after that you must deal a significant amount of damage to the thing(depending on the weapon you're using). There is no requirement to go 1-22 but you must kill at least 5 solo mobs before skipping to the group tier.Any player kill logs must end with you cutting the head from your defeated foe and looking at it, this is both to check the required xp and so that its more annoying to ask your endgame friend to take a fall. Also player kills of people obviously not trying to win do not count. All submissions will be submitted by pastebin(or similar logging program) I'm on the Hellmoo Discord as Unholy Interloper, i will leave that connected most of the time until the end of this event. You can also page or mail logs to Pancreasthief, 666Pizza or 35Cockler if any of them are connected, but you probably won't get your score updated very quickly if they aren't online.
You must do at least 50% of the damage to the thing you're fighting with your hilarious weapon of choice, you can't just magic missle it to death.
You must kill at least 5 things in the solo tier before you can move up to a party with your weapon of choice, you may however solo any of the group tier things from the start if you want to.
Now that people are finally going into group tiers i'm making solo/group tiers for the last 3 bosses. It makes sense to reward someone for soloing cerb with fist wraps if they want to dedicate the time to do it.


  1. Velvetrose (20 points)
  2. Seraphia (20 points)
  3. Cynder (5 points)
  4. Stephven (3 points)
  5. HentaiP (3 points)
  6. Batts (1 point)
  7. Amias (1 point)
  8. Bastet (1 point)

-Pair of fist wraps(22) Cynder w/ group
-Uru Pounders(17) Cynder w/ group
-Punch Knives(13) Cynder
-Cerberus Paw(17) Cynder
-Chunk of Brick(22) Cynder w/ group
-Stone Cudgel(17) Seraphia
-Pimp/Santa Cane(17) Seraphia
-Tonfa(17) Seraphia
-Tomahawk(13) Seraphia
-Sagebrush Stick(17) Seraphia
-Nail Sjambok(22) Velvetrose
-Venomous Lash(17) Velvetrose w/ group
-Cobra Baton(22) Velvetrose w/group
-Padlock on a chain(22) Velvetrose
-Link Whip(22) Velvetrose
-Infected Syringe(6) Velvetrose
-(rusty or nonrusty) Spike Spear(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Wooden Stake(10) Velvetrose
-Scrapmetal Spear(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Pitchfork(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Hook Sword(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Wasteland Chopper(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Butane Torch(17) Velvetrose
-Poison Pick(8) Bastet
-Gas Powered Chainsaw(22) Velvetrose w/group
-Needler/Dart pistol(8) Velvetrose
-.357 Autorevolver(17) Seraphia
-Sawn-off Shotgun(22) HentaiPhilosopher w/group
-TT 77(22)HentaiPhilosopher w/ group
-Needle Pistol(18) HentaiPhilosopher
-Riot Gun(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-EMP Shotgun(24) Velvetrose w/group
-Rusty Gremlin SMG(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Needle Rifle(22) Velvetrose w/ group
-Tommy Gun(24) Velvetrose w/ group
-Tesla Rifle(13) Velvetrose
-Disruptor(6) Velvetrose
-Gravity Gun()
Sock with a half brick(22) Velvetrose w/ group
Steel Morningstar(22) Velvetrose w/ group
Steyr M48 Security Flail(22) Velvetrose w/ group
Meteor Hammer(23) Seraphia
(Any)Improvised Flail(6)Stephven

-Boomerang(13) Seraphia
-Throwing Objects or weapons(17)Seraphia

-Bamboo Fishing pole(10)Seraphia
-Wood fishing pole(10)Seraphia
-Carbon Fishing pole(10)Seraphia

-Any bombs except a Clusternuke or a Dirty Bomb(6) Velvetrose
-Focus Only(18) Stephven
-Shoot a plane out of the sky with a Stinger missle(Biggest plane wins)
-Wrestle only(18) Amias
-Watch your Minions do the killing for you.(23) Velvetrose
-Vampire feed(6) Seraphia

Enemy Tier list
4:Deep One
5:Karnivore Punk
6:Ice Yeti
8:Grizzly Bear
9:Player at/above 100k
10:Sewer Turtle
11:Necro Abomination
12:Adult Dinosaur
14:The Kraken
15:Player at/above 200k

    • Groups Allowed**

17:Biggest dinosaurs Tyran, Carno, ex
19:Null Pack/group
20:Null Pack/solo
21:Frosty the snowman who is also a murderer*if you can even find the snowglobe*