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Player Written Help Docs

Our players love the game so much, that a number of them have started documenting it for us. Which is awesome, since it gives a unique perspective on the game, and frees us up for creating more useful objects like toilets and fleshlights. New players might want to start at the 2012 Newbie Guide.


These are guides on the HellMOO fundamentals.


These are guides on specific aspects of and approaches to playing the game, rather than universal and basic concepts.

Class Mutations

These are guides specific to every racial mutation, which determine what in most games is called the "class" of your build.

Character Building

These are guides on the process of creating and optimizing a character, as well as guides on specific builds.


These are guides on how money and the player economy works in HellMOO.


These are guides on topics that don't fit anywhere else, or cover miscellaneous topics.

Mailing List and Technical Guides

These are technical guides on esoteric topics, including the complex mail system and novelties like cmud.

Legacy Guides

Not all HellMOO guides are timeless. This is a listing of guides that have not been updated in a long time, and are sufficiently out of date that their advice is not as valuable as it once was. They still contain useful information, but have been either superseded by more recent guides or made inaccurate by changes over the years, so they're recorded here for historical interest.