Plant Whisperer

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Were you perhaps looking for the movie Plant Whisperer? Find it here.


Plant Whisperer is located in the Hollowed Pitch, at the tree's heart. You need to climb up two sets of 50m climbs to get there. It's at the big tree in the crater forest.


    [ You realize you could mutate here. ]
    [ Type 'mutate plant whisperer' to develop the 'plant whisperer' mutation. ]
    [ (You gain the ability to freely communicate with plants. Too bad plants are jerks. You also become infertile.) ]
    [ Your persuade increased by 1! ]
    [ Your pregnancy resistance increased by 100! ]
    [ You've just received some new commands. ]
    [ fertilize fert <any> : Stroke the plants gently and persuade them to bear fruit. ]

You will also hear plants talk and use pick up lines on them. Be reminded, that if plants hate you, you will receive low amounts of stress for each plant that is in a mood like that.

Weather now has a significant effect on your life as a plant whisperer.

Sunlight, Clear, Windy (during the day): If you have solar sponge, you will grow less hungry over time. Also, even if you don't have solar sponge, you can recover from revival sickness.

Rain, Drizzle, Thunderstorm: If you have solar sponge, you will grow less thirsty. Otherwise this is harmless weather.

Overcast, Foggy: There is a chance for you to grow depressed. Aww, come out mr. sun :(

Radstorms, Heavy Radstorms: If you do not have silicone skin, you have a chance for radioactive fungus pods to sprout over your body. These will make you hungrier and thirstier.

Ashstorms: You have a chance of developing cancer.

Rotwind, Sandstorms: If you do not have lithodermis, you have a chance to develop fungal blight, which makes you weaker and weaker. If you wait too long to cure it, it will progress into an uncurable stage with even worse detriments.

Acid Fog: It can inflict fear on your poor planty self. Scary acid water, oh no~

Snow, Blizzards: If you do not have yeti fur, you can develop snow mold, which if left untreated can cause brain damage or even mental diseases.

All of the diseases listed can only be caught and transmitted between plant whisperers, and are curable with fungilex. Keep an eye on the skies!


Using Plant Whisper in combination with Fuck Machine allows you to cum on yourself, therefore covering yourself in tree sap and being awesome at climbing.


X's skin has a light-green hue.