Necropolis' Heart

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The Necropolis' Heart, the eerily quiet and desolate home of Nullianacs and their Gulfhounds, full of death, misery and despair.

Why Would I Come Here

The Heart is, as mentioned before, home to Nullianacs and Gulfhounds, two of the highest XP-rewarding mobs in the game, both paying out large amounts of XP and decent amounts of money to those who have the guts enough to hunt them.

The Heart is, also, interestingly, home of a whole lot of nothing in the form of the Labyrinth and the Abyss, both of which have not and never will ever exist and are both attributed to swamp gas and weather balloons.

There is also a bit of real life tied into the Necro Heart, as the entrance to Labyrinth is inside Necanthrope's old apartment. Also, the ghost that roams the northern part of the Heart, named Joyce, is a woman one of the admins witnessed get run over in real life.