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HellMOO is a post-apocalyptic role-playing moo. It is set at an unknown time after an atomic conflict brought down the great civilizations of the 21st century. Enough time has passed that some towns and vestiges of society have returned... but not nearly enough to curb the inherent violence and conflict of a life lived without comfort or salvation. Corporations both ancient and new sit astride the few surviving cities like obscene, glittering spiders, wielding their power over their desert domains without question and without mercy. The fake smile, the furtive stare are the weapons of the city-dweller, forever dependent on their corporate masters for protection against the raiders and radioactive sands. Yet a few wander the wastes, living off the bones of the old world and whatever justice they can find at the end of their gun. Only time will tell which is the stronger.

HellMOO is a place of extremes. The first person you meet may be a caring street preacher, a rad-crazed knife fighter, or a mutant disguised as a man. It is up to you to decide which skills and allies will see you safe to the promised land, wherever and whatever that may be.

But all choices must be carefully made, as HellMOO does not forgive mistakes.

Important notice: take everything you read here with a grain of salt. The wiki contains mostly accurate information, but still some info is outdated, wrong, or is just editor's opinion. Consulting with experienced players is always a wise thing to do.


  • Quickstart Guide - A tutorial on how to get connected to HellMOO and begin playing the game.
  • Player Index - A list of topics of interest to newer players.
  • Current events - Returning player after a hiatus? Don't forget, you're here forever. Check this page for notes on recent-ish changes to the game.
  • Guides - User-contributed help articles. (Contribute, and earn the Scribe journal entry!)
  • Maps - The big list of maps.
  • Weapons - The big list of weaponry.
  • Armor - The big list of armor.
  • Mutations - The big list of mutations that you're probably here for anyway.
  • Lore - A list of articles detailing the game world's history.
  • PlayerArt - Fan-art made by players.
  • Categories - Special. This will bring you to the pages that are categorised.
  • Not categorised - Special. This will bring you to the pages that are not categorised.


More guidelines and information on special case pages can be found in this contributions mini-guide, which also details how to work around some of the wiki's neglected administration problems (the section on redirect bugs is particularly important). Other good ideas include:

  • Do not post spoilers!
  • Check the list of pages that need to be created and the stubs to see what needs expanding.
  • Don't redlink the names of empty/pointless tiles; only redlink topics that someone can actually make an informative page about.
  • Try to remember to put a summary for every edit you do.
  • Don't spam.


How to get a wiki account

Account creation is currently disabled. If you want an account, ask an admin via the usual means (page help, zotnet, etc.; yes, this means you have to be a HellMOO player) and one of us will make an account using the email address you used to register the game. If you want the account to have a different email address, if you no longer have access to the email address you used to register your character, or if you don't get a response from the usual means of reaching an admin, please send a mail message to *ata explaining the situation.

A more elaborate account creation system may come Soon™