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An lm readout of Maas Neotek.

Maas Neotek is a town zone adjacent to Crater Rim, within walking distance of Freedom City. The city itself is dangerous, and the trek there can be confusing, but it is a useful source of rhodopsin implants, and also holds the High Density, Rubberskin and Fuck Machine mutation tiles.

Maas Neotek is a yellow zone. Instigating PvP in this zone will challenge the target, unless the target has previously challenged the challenger. The length of the challenge will vary depending on how it is instigated. For a detailed map of Maas Neotek, see here.


Maas Neotek is east of Freedom City. The Crater Rim Map may be useful. Precise directions are below:

  1. From Freedom City, go to Slagtown, then southeast to Crater Rim.
  2. Hang northeast, towards a bridge. If you have not completed a relevant quest, J'Mak will block passage; kill him or grab and push him aside.
  3. Keep east across the bridge, following the path to the redneck encampment.
  4. Go southeast out of the encampment, then north at the fork in the road. Be careful not to accidentally follow the southern path, which leads to Glowstiller.
  5. Keep north on this path, which leads to Maas Neotek.

The city can also be reached by air, and has several landing spots.


Though it is a town zone, Maas Neotek does not have a Police force or a camera system.

  • Neo-Vickies live here. They are analogous to Freedom City's citizens, except that they have fancy outfits and old-fashioned names like Balthazar Fawcette. They give credit for the whore job and perform all other consumer functions.
    • Neo-vickies sleep in the townhouses to the north of the city, and some of their clothes buff Persuade, so it may be useful to strip them in their sleep.
    • Since Maas Neotek has no police force, there is no risk to scamming Neo-Vickies.
  • Gammaprole Stockboys work in two of the shops here. The stockboy in the Medgentech Kiosk is linked to the organ repo job.
    • Gammaprole stockboys are tough opponents, but they give no reward on death besides their uru pounders (a poor Fists weapon). They are not aggressive, so they're best left alone.
    • The stockboy in Medgentech is only in his store from roughly 22:00 at night to 07:00 in the morning. At any other time, he will not accept organ coolers for repo.
  • Two minibosses exist in Maas Neotek, both of them named hepcats.
    • Ginsberg is easy to find, and uses a fists weapon that does beat and irradiation damage. He's also linked to a quest somewhere in New Clearwater.
    • A more hidden boss exists, somewhere... Find him and smack him, and his hat counts as a Trophy.
  • Hepcats live here, varied opponents which can sometimes be very aggressive and dangerous. Each hepcat is named, and has its own weapon and behavior pattern. Many are also named after key figures during the beatnik generation in the United States.
    • All Hepcats drop interesting loot, and are worth $240 each on the Maas Police contract. They also drop their nanoweave zoot suits, which are sometimes used in crafting.
    • Unlike most early game mobs, Hepcats have some low-level bullet soaks.
    • Most hepcats can be avoided by looking ahead before entering their tile, using Stench, and choosing to walk around them instead of past them. They are also occasionally wiped out by a quest.
    • A table of useful information on the varieties of hepcat is below:
Name Difficulty Weapon Aggro Behavior Reference
LeRoi Low switchblade Delayed LeRoi Jones
Keasey Low switchblade Delayed Ken Kesey
Neal Low switchblade Delayed Neal Cassady
Ricky Medium fine wakizashi Fast Unknown
Butch Medium slam bat Fast Unknown
Lucy Medium/Hard sonic scalpel Very fast LSD
Jack High poison pick Very fast Jack Kerouac
Dylan High gamma fist Delayed Bob Dylan
Whalen High mugwup crotchtacles Delayed Philip Whalen
Arctor High (guns) .357 police special Inconsistent Unknown
Ginsberg High gamma fist Typically non-aggro Allen Ginsberg
Burroughs High mugwup tentacles Delayed William S. Burroughs

Difficulty level is relative to other hepcats and to HellMOO enemies in general; "low difficulty" does not mean a player should expect to kill them for some time.


  • Eddington Plaza and Branden Towers stand here. They are large and empty structures that have no function besides flavor, except for one with a half-pipe on the roof.
  • Maas Subway links from this zone, in a manhole on the eastern side of the city. This is Maas Neotek's connector to the Chud Network, and also contains a short quest and a flavorful mob.
  • Three mutation spots are here:
  • Various shopping opportunities are here:
  • The Baumann-Ritchie Club for Gentlemen is here. It serves as a bar, and is notable for being the only bar in the game that has no seating whatsoever.
  • The Prancing Queen is here, also a bar. One of the NPCs here gives a quest, but the quest is broken.