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Officially known as Neovicky Limited Liability.

Founded 1/17/48 by Meksivik. Dissolved... fuck if I know, 2016 real time


While a respectable presence in the early days of post-wipe Hell, MAAS has become something of an underdog corporation in recent months (perhaps due to the fact that we have all of 5 goddamn active members?! .wist) but we're still better than you.

Also our HQ is considerably more awesome than yours~

Note: MAAS HQ was sacked and sold away because Dibolcrif blew the corp funds on a timer-induced endo buying spree and then the corp melted, resulting in a merger with CHILL. -Avery

I will not stand for this slander! I was just lonely (and also blew the corp funds on a comedy of errors regarding savings bonds but mostly the other thing) -Dibolcrif

Current Hierarchy


  • Dibolcrif
  • Erisa (Inactive)
  • Ezekial(Inactive)
  • Ghozt(Inactive)


  • Alane (Inactive)
  • Draq
  • Arrow (Inactive)
  • Feferi (Inactive)


  • Feiri (Inactive)


  • Anjali (Inactive)
  • Isis (Inactive)
  • Judgement (Inactive)
  • Meksivik (Inactive)
  • Outro (Inactive)
  • Tenkou (Inactive)
  • Thira (Inactive)

Corporations - current and defunct
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Sleeping corps: rich, not active CHILLSYMBWHAT
Developing corps: not rich, active BNH2NEETECMSFAMP
NPC corporation for new players ENEMA
Defunct corporations ATIBRONYCOPSF13DODDONGSFreedomIsntFree

FUNGREEKSJecklesonhyde InstituteKiller Green Bud, Ltd.KROME


SS ConglomerateVGoku

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