Kakuri Monastery

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Owae wo mou shindeiru.

The Kakuri Monastery is the Buddhist monastery of Kakuri Island. The monastery holds a few cool secrets as well as some teachers, and should be on the to-visit list of any low-XP player.


  • Various monastery initiates wander the grounds of this place. They wield katanas, and know how to feint; they can pose a danger to very low-level players, so be careful not to rush this place too early. They will also bow if you do, and aggro if you piss or wank near them.
  • Roshi Heihachi, head honcho of the monastery, wanders around on the top floors or inside his room. He's the area's boss mob, and may pose danger to lower-level players. He wields shuriken and a suburito, but legends tell of a special sword kept under his personal protection...
    • Roshi also teaches Blades from raws 4 to 7.
  • There is also a carefully hidden guardian here, even stronger than Roshi. There's no benefit to fighting him, but perhaps it's not him that you're after...
  • Sensei Mishima teaches Focus from raws 4 to 8. She's in the south-west lower floor, outside Roshi's room.
  • Sensei Kazama teaches Teach from 6 to 15 and Throw from 0 to 4. He's on the upper floor, in front of the practice rooms to the north.


  • The lotus fountain is in the courtyard, which you can safely fill your canteen from. Perhaps it has other, more mysterious properties too.
  • There's a couple tomato plants dotted around here, and one celery plant.
  • There are three private meditation rooms on the northern lower floor. True wisdom will only come to the most careful listeners here. If you're seeking a waypoint on your path to enlightenment, beg solace from the ho-tei buddha statue nearby.
  • There are practice dummies on the northern upper floors, which may be useful for grinding extremely low skill levels.
  • Somewhere in here, the monastery's bell can be rung, which issues a very satisfying DONG! and perhaps an extra bonus.
  • On the eastern lower floor, Hideaki Rosenberg's kitchen has a fridge full of tasty snacks. Something's a bit weird about that kitchen, though.