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The HellMOO server and core database is now available to download. This is the first public release of the core, and it contains many known and unknown bugs. Unless you really want to fix them yourself, we recommend you download this just for playing around with and learning; if you want to build a game it may be best to wait a month or two until we have a new version available with most of the bugs fixed.

Download HellCore-master.zip for Unix. (64 bit OS required. You will get a "cannot execute binary file" when trying to run from a 32bit OS.)

There also is a GitHub repository for the HellCore project.

You will have to know how to program to use this. Building a playable game will likely take a small team of experienced MOO programmers approximately a year. Trying to create a game if you have little to no MOO programming experience will go like this:


The LambdaMOO programmer's manual and the HellMOO programmer wiki are recommended references. If you have any questions or would like to report a bug, contact the admins on the corenet channel on HellMOO.