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Goddamn, you play a mean banjo!

Located east of Crater Rim and south-east of Maas Neotek, Glowstiller is a large, irradiated trailer park. It is entirely a red zone. Glowstiller is one of the more dangerous areas in HellMOO, and certainly not safe for low-level players. There are a couple mobs here with XP drops, as well as rumors of a hidden nuclear warhead...


  • Bootleggers roam around Glowstiller, though they will avoid the entry path. They are highly aggressive, and can be equipped with sledgehammers, chainsaws, M100 rifles, and sawn-off shotguns. The melee weapons are easy to dodge or parry, but the guns hit hard (though they are slow); sometimes the shotguns will be loaded with waster shells, which do high irradiation damage that will punch right through a radsuit. Despite being human, bootleggers cannot be feinted.
    • Bootleggers are worth 64 XP each, as well as $475 per kill on the Maas Police contract. They commonly drop waster shells, which are useful for gunners who wish to deal exotic damage.
  • Flesh golems also roam Glowstiller, and are non-aggressive. They are very dangerous opponents if provoked, being very tanky, fast, and dealing extremely high slash/stab damage with good accuracy. They are PC2 and accurate, so they can parry well.
    • Flesh golems are worth 100 XP each. They have no contract or drops.
  • Ricky (of Trailer Park Boys fame) is in one of the central trailers here. He'll buy weed from you for the Drug Runner job. He's also the only source of swish in the game, which is seriously heavy-duty radioactive booze.


  • There are many trailers dotted around here. They're hot and stuffy inside, but who knows what weird secrets those hillbillies are hiding?
  • There is a barrel of glowing liquid near the center of the park, which (strangely enough) is a source of safe drinking water.