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Drugs are substances which alter either your stats or your perception of reality. Some, like weed and tobacco, are fairly benign while others, like heroin and crank can have some pretty bad side effects. Popping bills and shooting up requires very little med skill and assuming you're not so retarded you're verging on comatose you'll always be able to use them.

The list of drugs and their effects


These pills all cause unconsciousness, so use them with proper discretion.


Bought at Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium for 15 dollars a pop. They allow entrance into the Quake world, a mental realm modeled after the famous Quake FPS.

Blue Horsepill

Available at Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium. It's possibly a reference to the Blue pill in the matrix and transports you to a work where everything is weak and easy to kill. You gain no xp or ip (unconfirmed) by killing, but it is a good way to relieve stress.


Transports you to the jerk realm, an area consisting of two locations, under the sink and the surface of the moon. This area is inhabited by 3 talkative aliens who do little more then make puns and insult you. Also available at Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium.

House pill

Transports you to your childhood home, where your father bitches at you. Depressing, but only costs 7 bucks at Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium.


A candy eyeball bought in jars from Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium for a tidy sum of 375 dollars. Transports you to Humanitymoo, a world of blind griefers and helpful people. Thankfully, it's effects are relatively short.

Old pill

At 750 bucks a pop (from Barry's Rainbow Dream Emporium) the old pill is quite the expensive trip, though its also quite a long one. Brings you to the Museum of Oddities and allows you to explore, assuming you find the secret passage way into the building proper. Exhibits include a stuffed beefalo, a hyperintelligent flying penis and a book detailing the history of KREW.

Other pills

More pills, but these effect stats or something else, rather then transporting you anywhere.

black pill

Poison. Not always deadly, but never fun.

birth control pills

Assuming you're not retarded and have never had sex/ are completely incapable of inferring meaning from a name I would assume you know that these decrease the chance of pregnancy (when taken by a girl, of course)


Helps old people survive heart attacks.


A reference to Sealab 2021. Increases brawn and makes you horny. Has a pretty long lasting effect and can't be overdosed on.

Intravenous drugs

Ones injected with a syringe.


Sort of the penicillin of Hellmoo, cures many common diseases including black lung. If you're sick in Freedom city, chances are that it can be cured with a shot of this.


Boosts to reflex and endurance, has a habit of causing addiction and making you twitchy. Causes you to randomly attempt to scam people as well.


Nothing good comes of Heroin, you get no positive boosts on it.


You smoke these, dipshit.


Successive and cumulative reflex, endurance and brawn stat damage, along with lowering stress and increasing hunger. 8mg dose is enough to knock you out.


plus to cool and minus to endurance.