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Daube, originator of the term "Goonshit" is reported to (by one fan):

Have "an especially rabid obsession with players from the Something Awful forums" and "sincerely believe the goon wiki contains exploits that give them (Goonshit) an unfair edge and that admins allow this because they too are Goonshit", based on the goonshit entry and the anger of defeat.

Suggested, Questionable Strategies

  • Paging him repeatedly in-game
  • Stop by his[?] apartment (Helliday Inn, Room 101)
  • Attack him without appraising him first
  • Donate a Deathsuit and Buffered 12mm Hammerhead (Amongst other things) to him in Mass-Neotek and then neglect to purchase it back by the deadline

Daube-Approved, Legitimate Strategies

  • I have the Ripper mutation, and do slashing/stabbing damage. Get Snakeskin and layer on some good anti-slashing armor.
  • My brains statistic is 10, and I can be feinted easily.
  • My Dodge is not especially high.
  • I can be defeated easily when attacked with several people at once.

Good Hunting! --Daube 06:09, 25 May 2010 (UTC)