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Crackheads: the first thing you will progress to after orphans. These crank-addicted lunatics wander the halls of the Crack Mansion. They are usually armed with butter knives, signpost spears and spiked boards. Occasionally, a crackhead will attack you out of nowhere, so be prepared. Sometimes, if you get an unlucky crackhead to low health, they will ask you to spare their life. It will look something like this.

The crackhead [to you]: Please, spare me! I'll give you $250, it's all I have!

[ To accept the offer of the crackhead, type 'spare crackhead' ]

In fact, that is exactly what you should do. If you spare a crackhead, you will be given all their money (250 bux, but if you spare them again, they'll give you nothing.). The crackhead will also be replenished to full health, which is great if you're grinding something on them.

Crackheads have a contract payout of $70 per crackhead.

Crackbabies are pretty much like orphans, maybe a bit weaker.

Crackbabies have a contract payout of $35 per crackbaby.


A slightly more powerful variation of the crackheads are the crackfiends, found at the Crackhouse (ch) in Gangland and more rarely in the crack mansion in Freedom City. Crackfiends wield rebar swords or more rarely baseball bats and are more aggressive, have higher dodge, and never ask to be spared. They count as crackheads for the crackhead contract. They may occasionally drop their weapons.

Both crackheads and crackfiends make excellent targets for scamming. They will also accept crank rocks, paying you more if the crank rock has more doses..