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Corpchat is the typical name for 'corpnet', the channel in which you will speak in to talk with the rest of the Corporation you may join during your time on HellMOO.


  * You talk in corpnet by starting your sentence with a 'c'. For example: c Hello corpnet!
     This will appear as: [ CORP ]: Ellyo exclaims, "Hello corpnet!"
  * It's possible to emote in corpnet, the same way you can emote in public channels. Just use :. Example: c :cuddles Gorgar.
     This will appear as: [ CORP ]: Ellyo cuddles Gorgar.
  * You can turn corpnet on and off using the most likely expected command: corpnet on/off
  * You can view the most recently posted messages by typing "corpnet history". 

For commands that are associated with actual Corporations, check the Corporation page.