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Commander Andy's is located in Slagtown, and the hours of operation are 8:00am to 8:00pm. It is at 200 Norton Street.

Downstairs you can find the gaming room where you can trade cards, get tips about card collecting, and play some games. Andy's apartment is also located down there. It's rumored to contain the largest card collection in the world.

Note: prices and availability may vary.

Goods for sale:

a trading card booster pack             $    1,050
an FCPD most wanted booster pack        $    1,500
a lost legends booster pack             $    3,750
a pair of disposable latex gloves       $        7
a trading card album                    $      150
a trading card collector's case         $    5,250
a powerglove                            $       75
a dicebag                               $       75
a Star Wars playset                     $      225
a plastic lightsaber                    $      525
a copy of Dwarf Kid                     $       75
a copy of The Terrible Cock Factor      $       75
a goblet                                $      135
a large roll of poster paper            $      937
a Hall Monitor contract                 $    1,650

He only offers one type of comic book at a time, which changes every so often. He also offers few loose Trading Cards that seems to be switched out now and again.