Clone Arrangers

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Enter the clone zone.

The default clone location when you start the game, this is where you'll respawn when you inevitably fuck up and die. The tank is at Freedom City, 900 Third Avenue, just north of Meds 4 Less.

This is a W-U clone tank; it will tattoo your arm as soon as you climb out of the tank with a barcode. This is purely cosmetic.

Many of the NPCs in Freedom City will respawn here when killed, as will a few more obscure mobs.


The commands at most clone tanks are largely identical.

  • subs*cribe will set this tank to be your default respawn location for a small fee.
  • upd*ate will update your clone, saving all skills and XP.
  • acc*ount will show you the stats you'll respawn with if you die. Rarely useful, just use diff instead.
  • del*ete will prevent you from respawning ever again. If you die, you'll just reroll. This will activate hardcore mode, doubling all XP gains if you do it at 25,000 XP or less.
  • diff*erence shows you the difference between your current character and the character you will respawn as if you die, as well as the cost of an update.
  • headscan requires the severed head of another player. It updates the clone of the head's owner with the XP and skills that the owner had when they died. Scanning the head must happen within a very short timeframe after the death, and the head's owner can't have recloned. Only works if the head's owner is subscribed to the tank you're headscanning at.