Bay of Freedom

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The Bay of Freedom is the body of water immediately surrounding Burbclave, and bordering Corpclave, Burbclave, Shoreline and North Beach. There are no mobs here.


  • You can fish here. That's about it; the area's entirely empty water tiles.
  • The Bay connects to other zones for intrepid swimmers:
    • Burbclave is bordered on all sides by the Bay. There's an entrance to the burbclave from the water to the south.
    • North Beach is accessible from the southeast part of the Bay.
    • Shoreline is accessible from the southwest part of the Bay.
    • The Gulf of Stockton is accessible by swimming far east of the Bay. This will quickly kill poor or unprepared swimmers via drowning.
  • Autofire turrets guard the beach of Burbclave to the east, and will attack anything entering their tile. a PAINFULLY LOUD claxon will repeatedly remind you of this is you get too close.
  • A submerged sedan is under the water here, which spawns some basic crafting parts that can be salvaged.