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Zombie is an interesting mutation that gives you very strong soaks and the ability to revive after death, but comes with downsides such as slow healing and slower attack speed.
You also gain commands such as puke and howl which are explained below.


Zombie changes:


  • Brains: -6
  • Brawn: -2
  • Dodge: -3
  • Endurance: +2
  • Sneak: -10
  • Max Health: +10

Additionally, at max hunger:

  • Brawn: +6
  • Reflexes: +2
  • Endurance: +1


  • Revive after death, wait time becomes shorter the hungrier you are (~20 minutes when full, ~1-5 minutes when starving)
  • 50% slower attack speed (up to a cap of 4.5)
  • Tohit penalty for guns (-7 tohit)
  • No dualwield speed bonus
  • Can only heal by eating heads (up to +5 per heartbeat with 3 heads)
  • When cloning, respawn in semi-random areas
  • Blood becomes bile
  • Unable to corpsync/decorp locks or to brag
  • Immunity to heart attacks


  • Damage resistance (after soaks): 15%
  • Damage to your head: +300%
  • Beat Soak: +3-6
  • Bullet Soak: +5-10
  • Electric Soak: +2-5
  • Wasting Soak: +10-10
  • Healing Resistance: +100
  • Bleed Resistance: +75
  • Burn Resistance: +25
  • Cold Resistance: -25
  • Toxin Resistance: +100
  • Suffocation Resistance: +100
  • Blood Nitrogen Resistance: +100
  • Generic Disease Resistance: +75
  • Zombie Rot Resistance: +100
  • Addiction Resistance: +75
  • Brain Damage Resistence: +90
  • Heart Attack Resistance: +100

Claws: Your claws are terribly slow but have a chance of infecting people with zombie rot on a successful hit. They deal moderate slash damage (1-8 base) and scale very well with brawn.

Zombies: Zombies and most Necropolis inhabitants will no longer attack you unless provoked. Big Larry (Zombie Hunters inc) on the other hand, will.

Hunters: Unlike other race mutations such as Hideous Freak, Abomination and Vampire; zombies have no hunters. This makes it a more newbie friendly race than the others. Note: Big Larry in Zombie Hunters will chop your shit up with a powered chainsaw, he is pretty tough, about the same level as or tougher than a bootlegger.

Zombie is mutually exclusive with Bleeder, Chud, Hideous Freak, Hyperimmune, Silicone Skin, and Vampire.

You also gain some commands:


This is the command feed on <x> you will be using constantly. Feeding on the brains of dead corpses and severed heads increases your fullness and mildly destresses. The fullness effects for a zombie are reversed and you gain Brawn and Reflexes buffs the more full you get. You now only get heals from being full, and former head buffs (brawn, reflexes, endurance) while at full hunger.

With Billygoat, you can munch severed heads for much quicker hunger relief (but no destress).


This command makes you empty your stomach, raising your hunger level to 500.


This command uses the brains in your stomach to coat the target in bile that causes zombie rot. The more full of brains you are, the more bile the target is covered in. This command is very useless for PvP due to the amount of people who have Hyperimmune and the speed at which the zombie rot sets into the target (very slowly).


Howl is an ability you gain with the mutation. It uses an Endurance roll to determine whether you let out a "vile howl that summons the undead to your aid", which, depending on your endurance, can bring 2-10 zombies in infested areas. Even when outside of zombie areas, howling will spawn 1 bradbury zombie near you. Summoned zombros will follow you around, autoattacking all players and devouring corpses. They will also attack enemies that you yourself attack.
Howling in areas with cams will net you Stars.

Message upon receiving

Player kneels and takes a drink from the pool of bile.
[ Your brains decreased by 6! ]
[ Your brawn decreased by 2! ]
[ Your endurance increased by 2! ]
[ Your sneak decreased by 10! ]
[ Your dodge decreased by 3! ]
[ Your health max increased by 10! ]
[ Your generic disease resistance increased by 75! ]
[ Your stage I zombie rot resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your bleeding resistance increased by 75! ]
[ Your burning resistance increased by 25! ]
[ Your cold resistance decreased by 25! ]
[ Your generic addiction resistance increased by 75! ]
[ Your suffocation resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your bends resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your blood nitrogen resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your vampirism resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your ingested toxin resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your toxic exposure resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your brain damage resistance increased by 90! ]
[ Your heart attack resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your beating resistance increased by 3 - 6! ]
[ Your bullets resistance increased by 5 - 10! ]
[ Your electric resistance increased by 2 - 5! ]
[ Your suffocation resistance increased by 100 - 100! ]
[ Your healing resistance increased by 50 - 100! ]
[ Your wasting resistance increased by 10 - 10! ]
[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ howl : Let out a vile howl to summon the undead to your aid. ]
[ puke : Puke horrible green bile all over your enemy. ]
[ feed : Suck the brains from a corpse or severed head. Mmmm, brains. ]
Player drops to their hands and knees and vomits, sweating as their skin goes pale and bluish veins pulse across their body.
[ You've developed the 'zombie' mutation! ]


Great soaks and different hunger mechanics aside, the most obvious difference is slower attack speed. Zombies also don't benefit from dual wield boni that everyone else gets.
You'll usually see zombies use clubs, fists, spears or rifles.

Zombies have the ability to reanimate after death; you will reanimate with 1HP after every death that was not a fatality or resulted in your corpse being gibbed or butchered. While this is nice, the zombie mutation makes you totally immune to any form of healing other than the passive regeneration you get from fullness. This means you will be very susceptible to death again when you reanimate unless you act fast.
Renimation for a zombie acts as being revived from a portable defibrillator. This means you get revival sickness, but fear not as this can be easily conquered with the Iron Liver mutation. This rids you of revival sickness when you are drunk. (Keep in mind that zombies do not get healed from being drunk. The ONLY way to heal as a zombie is from being full).

The time to revival depends on your hunger level - from just a short time at full hunger to upwards of 20 minutes when full.

Although this can be a pain at times, it opens up a whole 'nother level of PVE and PVP alike. NPCs that use guns become less scary, so you'll be able to kill Karnivores and Bootleggers with relative ease. Since most NPCs don't butcher you, dying in PvE is much less of a hassle too.

It's also worth noting that being a zombie means it's very easy to keep implants and any beneficial radiation mutations you may aquire.

Zombie's resistance to generic addictions and heart attacks means you can take more drugs than most people at low endurance without consequence.

Note that zombies have a variable respawn area that seems to cycle randomly with locations such as the Mall, Necropolis Gate, Subway Tunnel, and Bradbury Basement.

Time Zombies

Whenever rollbacks on the server happen, Freedom City is usually filled with zombies, and sometimes raiders. There is reason to believe (read: a rumor) that some crafty zombies managed to travel to Adminland and infect the server, thus forcing a reset. Or, an alternate theory is that some zombies can travel through time, and cause the resets.

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