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Yeti Skin is a soak mutation which gives resistance against cold damage and cold debuffs. Prequisite for Yeti Fur, and popular for that reason.


Mountain Pass. A short way west/northwest of Ted Yablonski's shack (the guy who throws bombs), then down.


This mutation grants the following effects:

 100% cold debuff resistance
 8-10 cold soak
 Passive body temparature increase by +10°C
 +2 HP


  • 8-10 cold soak. This helps against Gulfhounds, ghosts, damage from Chiller, and iceblox ammo (though other damage types are more frequently used by gunners).
  • Helps against Chiller. Chiller imposes cold debuffs on its target, and Yeti Skin will soak those, though it will not help against the separate "chill" debuff that is specific to chiller.
  • Offsets Chiller's passive. Chiller mutants are rare, but those who do have the mutation can benefit from Yet Skin's increase in body temperature, which offsets the reduction from Chiller with +5°C to spare.
  • Convenience. Yeti skin prevents mutants from needing to wear cold gear in cold weather. This is especially convenient for Flight mutants, because the sky is very cold.
  • +2 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


  • Heat. Yeti skin enhances the heat of already hot areas. Summertime Coventry Island is particularly brutal for Yeti Skin mutants.
  • Replaceable. Environmental cold is very easy to guard against; wearing cold gear works just fine.
  • Cold damage is rare. Ghost and gulfhound dodge is easy enough to dodge, and gunners have access to completely unsoakable damage instead of iceblox.


This mutation will add the following line to a character's description:

His/Her/Its skin is thick and dusted with white fur.

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