Writhing Smoke

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Writhing Smoke is a focus mutation that uses the focus skill to stun opponents and buff dodge and evasion.


Writhing Smoke is located in the Gas Station on the Abandoned Highway. There are no dangers in the area aside from a few dogs.


This mutation grants:

    +2 to focus
    spew command: use focus to spew out disorienting smoke.


  • +2 Focus. A significant increase.
  • Big PvP stun. Spew's stunning power at higher focus levels is so great that gas masks are practically mandatory for PvP; anyone caught unprepared by a spew will be stunned for a very long time.
  • Assists evasion. Using spew in a difficult fight will greatly assist the spew mutant's evasion and reduce the likelihood of them getting hit.


  • Countered by gas masks. Gas mask protection is almost 100% against spewing, and most PvP players incorporate gas masks into all of their armor sets, so the stun rarely has a chance to fire. High Endurance also counters the effect to a lesser extent.
  • Less useful for PvE. Many mobs just have too much Endurance for spewing to stun them, meaning that spew's only utility is its evasion buff.
  • Requires 17+ focus to be effective. Below this level, spew's casting time is so low as to be useless.

Spew Smoke

Valid aliases include spew smoke, spew or exhale. Upon casting, the user gains a low amount of stress and makes a focus roll against the endurance of any targets in the room, and (assuming they are not wearing gas masks) attempt to stun them, with the stun's success chance and length being determined by the success of the focus vs. endurance roll.

After attempting to stun, the spew's smoke will fill the caster's tile, and linger for a length of time that varies with the caster's focus. While the smoke is active, it will buff the dodge of everyone in the room. If any mobs or players succeed evade the tile while the smoke is active, no escape message will be broadcasted.

Spew has a low stress cost and a moderate cooldown, which is decreased with higher focus skill. Spewing any player in a yellow or green zone will challenge that player for six hours.


This mutation does not change a character's appearance, but the following messages display on casting spew:

ReadTheFineWiki inhales sharply as his eyes roll back into his head.
Tendrils of thick black fog erupt from ReadTheFineWiki's mouth like ghostly tentacles swirling as they fill the room with darkness.

Upon failure, a different message will be displayed:

ReadTheFineWiki coughs out a thin cloud of greenish vapor.  Hm.

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