Weyland-Utani Building

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The Weyland-Utani building is in Corpclave, on Reagan and Ironside. Most players just come here for the Office Worker and Chef jobs, though there are a couple mid-game quests here too, as well as some purchasable utility contracts on the ground floor.

The entire building shuts down at 20:00, at which point the lights will go off and security will mess you up if you're inside still.


The W-U building has a great many floors. Here's a listing!

  • The ground floor contains the science office, which sells research sim contracts, the main lobby, which sells various other contracts, and the restaurant, which is the location for the Chef job.
  • The 2nd floor exists only as a single stairwell tile.
  • The 3rd floor is where various NPCs who live in the building, such as the receptionist, sleep when they're not working.
  • The 4th floor is where the building's security hangs out when it's not beating you up for trespassing.
  • The 5th floor is very ordinary, and is the place where you do the Office Worker job.
  • The 6th floor is where you get an interview for the office worker job. On the north patio, there's a bitterwood bush and a free coffee spawn. There's also some stuff linked to a broken journal. The rec room has a water spawn and a TV. 14Leng is here, who has a rather exotic and complicated task for experienced employees. It can be done!
  • The 7th floor is "RESTRICTED ACCESS", with all of its contents locked behind a voxguard adamantium. How very strange...
  • The 8th floor is locked behind voxguard diamonds on a cam tile. Likely empty.
  • The 9th floor exists only as a single stairwell tile.
  • The 10th floor is elevator-accessible but otherwise empty.
  • The 11th floor exists only as a single stairwell tile.
  • The 12th floor is elevator-accessible but otherwise empty.
  • The 13th floor has a shower and sink to the east. 3David is also here. He can set you on the path of a journal which you should not bother with, because it is broken and will never be fixed.
  • The 14th floor is entirely empty, save for a lounge to the north with a tile description. It does, however, count as a separate zone from the base building. This means it gives you a travel journal. It also does not have any W-U cams, which means security won't care if you're here after hours.
  • The roof has a funny junction box on it, as well as the shuttle for the CSS roughnecks. Don't mess, they have lasers.