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I'm not going to give you all the hot spicy tips, but I'm going to educate you on what you should do and how not to have a bad time.

So You Want To PvP

I commend you for wanting to PvP, but there are a few things you should consider before engaging in possibly one of the most exciting aspects of the game.

  • What do you stand to gain for PvPing?
  • Can you handle having enemies in the future who will hunt you down when you are at your weakest?
  • Can you handle being treated like an asshole by most people you meet?
  • Do you love shitposting?
  • Do you like fun?

If you've answered yes to one of the questions in lines 2-5 and have a good reason, PvP is for you.


Preparation is the most important aspect and comes in many forms such as

  • Triggers and Aliases - The less you have to type and the quicker you can type out commands the better
  • Knowing where your target is - Self explanatory. Can't kill nerds if you don't know where they are. A medium is a necessity for this unless you don't mind blindly running everywhere and tracking or paying Jack cash to find someone and waiting 5-10 mins to find that your target has been in FC the entire time or has had the time to run from their grind spot to FC. The location and its mobs should also be considered; Is the person going to be engaged in a battle so you can run up and hit him?, Will you fight your target in a location where cops may come?
  • Knowing your target - Before you even think about hunting your designated victim, it is good to figure out what armor and weapon they use, what muts they have, and how their stats fare against yours which can be discerned by their weapon most of the time. For example, knowing that you're fighting a brainy should be an indicator that you should use screech or frenzy yourself before engaging them, lest you get put into a ten year feint coma.
  • Does my target belong in a corp that can back them up? - If your person is in a solocorp, it's safe to say that that fight will stay a 1v1 or xv1 depending how bad/scared/dickish/desperate to win you are, but then again, there's no such thing as a fair fight in Hell. Point being, pay attention to their corp and how many members are active and if any of them have the ability to move quickly(plane/blink).
  • What should I use? - Determine your strengths and weaknesses vs their strengths and weaknesses. Do you have high dodge? Use a parry class lower than theirs. Is your tohit higher than theirs? Use a parry class higher or equal to theirs. Determine what weapon they are using so you can armor properly. You wouldn't wear plasteel to a razorchain fight and you wouldn't wear leech to a jawbie fight.

Leading up to a fight and in the fight

Reminder. LOOK BEFORE YOU WALK AND DON'T PANIC Back to preparation, before you even start the fight you should be buffed up, weapon out, pants down. You should also note all possible escapes for your target so you aren't wasting time tracking when they disengage you.

  • First, turn on hunt <x>, go to their location, and start track <x>. (tracking a specific thing will give you more directions to their location.)
  • Second, once you've found them, preferably a tile away, they are hopefully ignorant to your presence or will begin to panic. Either engage on them now or wait for them to be busy with an action and then engage
  • Third, at this point you will be in combat with your quarry, it's at this moment you should be paying attention to what they're doing/using so you can act appropriately, but if you're a focus user and your focus is higher than theirs then you probably want to get off your focus abilities immediately before you start whacking at them with your weapon.
  • Lastly, if everything's gone well, the nerd should be dead or if things have not gone well then you will be dead.


At this point it's time to loot. Cut their head immediately then proceed to cut all their implants. Take all of their weapons, armor, and containers. It is essential that you cut down time by taking the important items as quickly as possible while discarding the junk so it would be in your best interest to highlight end-game weapons, packs, armor, and drugs. Once you've looted, congrats now get out of there before you get smacked.


It happens, you took a gamble and lost. Drop your attitude and whatever baggage have you and politely ask for your stuff back and don't take it to heart if they are not inclined to give you your things or sell it back. It's all part of the game we play.

Multiple combatants

Coming Soon(TM)


Coming Soon(TM)