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Very Influential Oligarchs Luring Eventual Tranquility

Insider description - June 2021
> czAr         i rule with an iron fish
  Jun 17 10:02      -- Shareholder, VIOLET
> czAr         fist*
  Jun 17 10:02      -- Shareholder, VIOLET
> Lyrun        No, no. Fish is right.
  Jun 17 10:03      -- Security, VIOLET
> Thome        "A cool corp for the new and returning players"
  Jun 17 11:55      -- Employee, VIOLET
> Seraphia     An enduring peaceful corp that is a nice and 
 relatively drama-free place to call home.
  Jun 17 14:28      -- Shareholder, VIOLET
> czAr         wait wait... *stern look* i rule with an iron 
  butterfly, and sting like a bee:
  Today 01:08       -- Shareholder, VIOLET
> Micah        honk
  Today 01:11       -- Employee, VIOLET

The most prominent carebear corp since the pwipe of 2016, its members often form at least 1/3 of active players on WHO.

They have a custom HQ in Crater Rim - "Dilapidated doublewide", as well as in Stormfront Island - "Jungle hideout". [Note from czAr: Both are shared by members, one more selectively; they are not corp property.]

Holders: czAr, Seraphia

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