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This page was intended to shit-talk give a run-down on the currently active corporations in the game, but given HellMOO's low population and wiki activity, it quickly fell out of date, and is unlikely to ever remain current. Instead, this page now serves as an archive for information on any corp that has ever been recorded on the wiki, preserved here for historical interest. In this vein, none of the information on corps here has been altered from its original state, even if it is out of date.

Remember, this is not (and never will be) a full listing of current or past corps in HellMOO. Most corps come and go without any coverage on the wiki; wiki info and dedicated pages are only created if some player decides to make them. Instances of this happening are recorded here.

Honorable mentions

There are always exceptions! Here are some corps which, for whatever reason, have been around in the HellMOO corporate scene for a very, very long time and are unlikely to go away in the near future.

  • CHILL was a corp of veterans which has stuck around in some form for years. Now, it is largely inactive dead as shit, but can still be found on the who list.
  • ENEMA is a staff-maintained corp made specially for new, non-Carebear players. It offers some basic amenities, has an integrated support system to allow experienced players to help out, and can be joined via Mservo in the museum in Freedom City.
  • bot is not a real corp, but it does show up on the who list. It's the "corp" of DJBooth, the bot that maintains HellMOO's very own radio station. Check out who djbooth and djnet on for more.

Main corporations

Those are the corps with 5 of more active players by 2021-06-08.

  • VIOLET - prime carebear corp, more than half of the active purple names belong here.
  • TNC - active since 2016, went through many cycles of inactivity and rebirth.
  • RUIN
  • NEET - active since 2016
  • BNH2 - carebear
  • EC

Smaller corporations


Corp Descriptions

These are corps that were briefly described on this page, back when it was active.

  • 420 - Blindies, habbers and blind habbers.
  • CHILL - Corp of smelly old veterans and retirees that don't usually do that much. We were a big deal at one point, honest.
  • CLOWNS - Goons, burnouts and the majority of active playerhelpers. About as coordinated as a box of hornets, their exploits include accidentally picking and robbing one of their holders.
  • DELPHI - Founded by Russia to "stomp overly cocky griefers", this corp is now doomed to slowly die after one CEO abyssed over text loss and the others barely log on.
  • DREAM - This young corp claims to offer aid and services to all despite any sour relations. Offers discrete and professional "housecleaning".
  • ENEMA - Same old newbie corp, but now with plenty of active playerhelpers who can tell newbies to wear some armor.
  • JUNK - After the unexpected scrambling of both kelli and 4blunt2time0, a shell of its former self.
  • MEME - LoveMachine's dystopian text sweatshop. Employees are forced to run contracts until they collapse, under conditions considered cruel and inhumane even by W-U standards. Sitting on $10+ million corp funds, with no board members and a 0% clone rate.
  • NHR - After Russia poached plenty of members for USSR and signed a carebear contract, NHR founder Demon made the only right decision: Disbanding the corp. You still sometimes see NHR branded items pop up in Sargo's as sad reminders of what sexhavery does to people.
  • SEGA - MegaDrive's almost solo corp.
  • SUN - After a failed attempt to backstab their founder, the SUN now set on this corp.
  • SVI - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • THUG - Now a one-man corp led by jman, who managed to get an already mediocre mutation (Zombie) nerfed into the dumpster by killing bad players with it.
  • USSR - The #1 reason to ban carebears from posting on *gr. Coming to you live with classics such as [zotnet] Caramela says, "It's more that we can afford to worry about things like that. Bleeder's actual advantages are minor.".

Corporation Pages

Several corps have their own pages on the wiki, no matter how underdeveloped, obscure or just plain dumb. They are also recorded for historical interest, and aside from those already linked above, are listed here.