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Hello. I am Makoto. I have been playing Hellmoo for a while, and a lot of people when they play like to have combat abilities and utility. Here, I am going to write a guide about one of the most overdone and god damn stupid builds in Hellmoo. I don't know the rules against having extremely specific guides to certain builds, but, other games do it, so, I don't think it counts as spoilers???

"More like Fagoto" - Stryder 05/03/14


The build we are talking about today is Brains Whips, a combination of whips that allows for high brains, and as such, high levels in a lot of utility skills such as medic, repair, pilot and so on. Here are the pros and cons.


  • High brains allows you to use repair and medic to help out your friends!
  • High craft allows you to make weapons for your friends!
  • High Pilot allows you an easy way to get around that isn't Flight mutation or Blink.
  • High focus so you can use blink and other abilities.
  • You will have lots of friends, and tons of money because you are a crafter.
  • Extremely high dodge, run basilisks naked! (don't)


  • Whips do not do as much damage as other weapon types.
  • Low brawn, you won't be carrying heavy things, or much heavy armors.
  • Mostly slash damage makes you highly soakable. (except flash whips.)
  • Low endurance makes drugs not an option.
  • Gathering parts is lame.
  • No parry class 2 weapons. (that are viable)

Tag skills

Tag skills allow you to start with 1 raw in the skill you tagged and also cost less EXP to learn. There are a couple of things that you can tag, here they are.

A side note: If you are extremely new to Hellmoo. Don't NOT tag a weapon. Seriously, you can't go "full support" and not tag a weapon. Sure, you get EXP from crafting, but you're not going to be able to get ANY crafting materials without killing some things along the way. You need to be able to defend yourself and the best way to get EXP early game and do some jobs early game is to kill things. DON'T NOT TAG WHIPS.

Ultra-Crafter Set:

  Whips, Science, Scav, Craft.

Ultra-Lockpicker Set:

  Whips, Science, Locksmith, Hack.

Obviously, you tag whips because it is your main weapon skill, and science is a recommended tag because there are some cool science weapons and it is a god damn whore to grind. As for the others, I can explain further.

I honestly prefer to go with the Lockpicker set of skills, because you will have good enough totals in scav and craft with only 6 raw in them, so there is no need to buy them past 6 raw. Lockpicking doesn't have too much of a use right now, because you need someone to have challenged you to pick into their place of living, but it's a good deterrent. No one will fuck with you if you can take their text! It's your own choice though, having a starting raw in scav and craft can make the grind a lot easier.

You may say, "But, why don't I tag medic! I want to be a medic!" and just because you don't have a skill tagged doesn't mean you're shit in the skill. You tag a skill that you want to buy past 6 raw, and even with 14 raw brains, you'll have 18 total in medic at 6 raw. That's enough to basically do anything besides brain surgery and analyze mental illnesses. Once you take swollen brains, that total medic will raise to 21 total, which is enough to do both of those. So, don't worry about tagging medic/repair. Just don't do it. You'll be fine.

Starting Stats

Brains Start:

     brawn [ 8.00 /  ]        cool [ 8.00 /  ]    reflexes [14.00 / ] 
    brains [14.00 /  ]      senses [10.00 /  ]   endurance [ 8.00 / ] 

Senses Start:

     brawn [ 8.00 /  ]        cool [ 8.00 /  ]    reflexes [14.00 / ] 
    brains [10.00 /  ]      senses [14.00 /  ]   endurance [ 8.00 / ]

You can start with either of these, this guide is specifically about being a crafter/brains whips, not a combat whips build, that's some other guide. As for the differences in starting stats, 14 senses and 14 reflexes will start you with a higher whips total, but starting with 14 brains and 14 reflexes will just start you with a higher brains total. It's honestly your own preference what you prefer, it will even out in the end anyway. I honestly prefer having 14 brains to start, because of the increase in medic skill.

Post Character Generation

A.K.A: The grind.

As a brains person, you will do a FUCK LOAD of grinding before you seem to start the actual game. You should not take ANY mutations before you are done grinding the skills that are affected by the mutations that you take. Here are the skills you grind.

   whips, craft, repair, locksmith, medic, hack, pilot, chemistry, scav, focus, climb and science.

Yes, that is a TON of skills to grind, way more than most combat oriented builds, all with good reason. I shall explain HOW to grind those skills, now.

Remember: Grinding using a script/timer/trigger is against the rules for the most part, it is against the rules if you AFK grind, as in, set up one and let it run. It is okay if you are not spamming too much, and you're watching your computer. Admins can tell if you're AFK grinding, they will find you and attempt to talk to you, if you do not respond, they will kill you, reset the IP you grinded and if you get caught enough times, you'll be BANNED.


Grind this straight out of character generation. Buy a pair of antenna whips (or just one), type 'grind whip' and go kill a fuck load of orphans, also, go buy a butchers knife and cut the skin off of all the orphans you kill. You will fuck up a lot of the cuts and ruin the skins, but this will help to grind scav and the skins that you do get will help you grind craft (explained later.)

Once you get to 4 raw, you'll need to use a different whip than Antenna whips, I'd recommend asking someone for a link whip and using that to get to 6 raw.


After you're done grinding whips, you may be tempted to take mutations that raise your reflexes, or gyming reflexes to 18, but hold on a moment. You don't want to raise a stat that governs skills you want to grind because it will make them harder to grind. Locksmith is governed by reflexes, so, you'll want to grind it before you gym reflexes, or take reflexes mutations.

To grind locksmith, you'll want to buy a Steel Lockpick from the Automat inside of Rough Trade in Slagtown. Then, go to a lock that you can pick (I like the one at the cemetery). Now, if you pick a lock for long enough, and fuck up enough times, the lockpick will break. This is bad, because it will cost you a lot of money to keep buying lockpicks, the lockpicks only spawn every once in a while, and the store does close at a certain time. If you stop picking the lock and start again, you can avoid this.

I usually set up a timer that goes every 15 seconds, the timer does this:

   Pick <lock>

This makes it so that when you start picking the lock, the game every 15 seconds will stop picking the lock and start again. Your lockpick won't break (as often) and you can grind effectively. You can chose to grind to either 6 raw, or, alternatively, you can grind to 4 raw and do the Burglar job to get the last 2 raw. (the job gives .20 locksmith IP for each completion up to 10 times.)


Climb is an important skill to get around Hellmoo. It is recommended to have at least 14 climb to use climbing ropes, but I like to have it higher in case.

You do not have to grind climb to 6 raw, you will have decent enough totals to make most climbs with even just one or two raws of climb. (especially when/if you take the Salamander mutation)

To grind climb, you can use Rolf's gym, or, find a climb that has water at the bottom. (You will not take damage if you fall into water) and set up a timer to type 'up' every couple of seconds. Remember to watch your computer and type 'grind climb'.


You can grind Scav skill by butchering corpses repeatedly, typing 'search' repeatedly, but I think the best way is to buy two can openers from Ammunation, and try to kill a bunch of orphans with 'grind scav' typed. You can grind to whatever raw you like, as you play the game as a crafter, you'll want to have high scavenge skill to cut things from monsters and to search specific areas. If you have high enough scavenge (24+) you will even find two items per scavenge attempt as opposed to just 1.

Scavenge skill is also raised through the corpsegrinder job. Check it out!


This is where the skins are going to come in handy. You'll want a sewing bench, the schematic to make leather berets, an engraving tool and a fuck load of skins (200 or so.) Tenren put it best when they said, the most optimal route to gain the most IP from your materials is this:

   With 10 to 12 craft total, engrave skin with 14 characters twice-> turn that skin into a beret-> engrave beret with 14 characters twice -> improvise bandage with beret-> engrave bandage with 14 characters twice.

It is recommended you use this method to grind craft to either 6 raw, or alternatively, grind to only 4 raw and use the Chef job to gain the last two raws. (Chef job gives 20 craft IP per completion up to 10 times).

Craft is an important skill, because obviously, it governs the chance to craft/mod/spraypaint/engrave/tattoo shit.


I usually never grind chemistry, so, you can buy it to 1 raw or higher, but it is entirely possible to grind. Here is how.

You use the bandages that you engraved from grinding craft and put them inside a chemistry bench with the Molotov recipe in it. You use alcohol and bandages to make Molotov over and over to gain Chemistry IP! You can grind Chem to 6 raw, it can be a bit difficult though.


You took this build just so that you could medic people, right? Well, here is how you grind medic to 6 raw.

The best way to grind medic to 6 raw is to get a massage table (bought in Weezer) or take the Nimble Fingers mutations (allows massage) and find some poor person to lay on the table/allow medic from you. Then, you set up a timer to massage them every couple of seconds while you have 'Grind Medic' activated. After an hour or two, BANG, 6 raw. Alternatively, you can grind it to 2.5 raw and get the rest through the abortionist and medic jobs! Very convenient! Thanks, admins!


Repair is a pretty good skill. Let's you repair shit. Here is how you grind repair.

Buy a couch (or other furniture), push the couch somewhere, and repair the couch. You'll want to type 'k couch' to do damage to it, then repair it. The best way to do this is to set up a series of timers AND triggers. Set up a timer to repair the couch every 5 or so seconds, then, set up a trigger that is triggered by "The nice couch isn't broken." when that trigger goes off have the game type "k couch" 5 or so times, then it will go right back to repairing. It is entirely automated, you can grind to 6 raw or you can grind to only 3.5 raw and gain the last 2.5 raw through the Utility worker job (can be done for 25 IP 10 times) (I'd honestly just grind to 6, I don't like how tedious the Utility Worker Job can be sometimes.)


Hack isn't used for much. It is mostly accompanied with Locksmith so that you can hack electronic locks. It is also used to take over cameras in Gangland, but the cameras are mostly owned by huge mega corps who will slaughter you endlessly if you try to take one! It is also used to take over some computers in the game. Here is how you grind it.

First, go put in an Alkatek DNI implant and find a computer to hack. There is one in the compound in Gangland, and one in Slagtown somewhere. WOOM I think? I'm an idiot. Anyway: just set up a trigger that identifies when you fuck up the hack or when you are successful and have the trigger type 'Hack PC' again. Let it run (watching of course) for a bit and you'll be at 6 raw. I don't know of any jobs that give hack IP at the moment. I will update if I do find one.


Pilot skill will allow you to fly a plane around Hellmoo, which is very useful to get around. Here is how you grind Pilot.

Acquire a boat (buy one from Botany, borrow one) and make sure you have enough fuel. Set the throttle to 5 so that you go extremely slow and gain IP... extremely FAST.


Focus is only used for focus abilities and to resist focus abilities. So, once you take twitchy nerves, do not fret that you may have -2 focus. You basically grind focus by using focus abilities. Writhing Smoke is the best mutation to use to grind focus.

Focus is governed by senses and endurance and because you're so squishy, focus will be your main offensive strategy in late game. I am just going to steal the way to grind it from Tenren, who writes:

   Step 1: find 2 empty rooms you can safely grind in.
   Step 2: set up both rooms as de-stressing rooms.
   Step 3: set up a chat redirector script to move all chats/says/pages into another window that you can monitor.
   Step 4: on a timer, alternate spewing between each room based on cooldown.
   Step 5: chat on catnet for 4 hours, do your homework, or read a book.
   Step 6: while viewing the chat redirected window, say hi to which ever admin that walks in.
        You have about a 1 minute window to say hi before you get launched into space.
   Step 7: ???
   Step 9: forget to update your clone and repeat this process again.

Focus is a god damn whore to grind, but luckily, you will enjoy having it. You can grind focus to 6 raw, or alternatively, you can grind it to only 4.5 and get the rest from the Office Worker job! Or, if you prefer, do the office worker job and use it to get to 1.5 raw, then grind the rest manually. (because god knows, that first raw of focus, 0-1, is IMPOSSIBLE.)


Science is very VERY hard to grind. So, fuck it. Don't do it. You tagged it, I mean, just buy some raws, amirite?

Science is used to govern science weapons, simulator use, and science crafts. You can grind science to 6 raw by using a proton pack to fight ghosts, but, it gains so slow, that most people just learn a couple of raws of science from another player and use the Ghost Buster job to get the last 2.0 raw. (Gives 20 science IP up to 10 times).


Once you have gotten all of the skills that you want to 6 raw, you'll want to gym your stats. There is a guide on what the hell that means somewhere else on the wiki. Now, you'll want to say 'I am a brains build! I'll grind brains, duh!' but: You're wrong.

You may have brains, sure, but you'll want a decent combat ability above it. Why? Because you'll gain most of your EXP through combat, combat is a good way to gain EXP and you can't survive in Hellmoo without combat abilities.

Whips (and dodge) are governed by Reflexes and Senses. You might also argue, 'I'll raise my senses!' which is wrong. Your hit speed with whips is governed by reflexes. You'll want to get your reflexes as high as you can, so, you'll use that first bit of gym points to raise it to 18 raw.

Next on the agenda is senses. You might argue that you want to raise brains, but again, you'll want combat abilities and dodge. Raising senses also raises craft (as craft is governed by senses and brains). By the time that you have Reflexes and Senses maxed, you will be at around 90,000 EXP (Or lower if you started with 14 senses instead of 14 brains.) Beyond this, you'll want to raise your brains.

By the end of the game (please note, you'll probably NEVER EVER get to 360,000 EXP) you will have 18 raw in reflexes, 18 raw in senses, and 17.90 raw in brains. Trust me. You barely need 15 raw in brains, honestly, with swollen brains, buffs, and other things, there is no reason in the world you will need more. So, don't think you need to get brains to 18 raw. You REALLY don't need 25+ medic unbuffed and you will get to 17 raw anyway.


Holy, shit! You're done grinding FUCKING EVERYTHING! Are you ready to play the game yet? Once you have all of the skills that are governed by brains to 6 raw (or bought using EXP to acceptable levels) you'll want to start taking mutations. Not many guides in Hellmoo actually go as far to tell you what kind of mutations you should take, they assume you should figure it out on your own. Here is the mutations that I recommend taking. There are many options you can go with, feel free to come up with your own. They are listed mostly in order of importance and recommended acquisition order for the most part.

  • Twitchy Nerves -- A must. Gives +2 reflexes. Do not worry about the loss to senses and focus. The reflexes outweighs the negatives.
  • Nimble Fingers -- Take this after grinding craft/locksmith. Gives more to reflexes but lowers beat protection. A must have.
  • Swollen Brain -- Gives an amazing boost to brains and senses. Only take this after you've grinded all of your brains skills. Must have. Do not take Brute Strength over this.
  • Bloodhound -- Raises track and senses immensely, needed to raise scavenge and whips skill! Must have.
  • Junk Rat -- Gives more to scavenge and senses, the sniff ability is great for a cluttered crafting room. Must have.
  • Writhing Smoke -- Used to grind focus and great for stunning people or making an escape. Must have.
  • Screech -- Raises focus by +2, great to use as an offensive tactic against gunners and other people.
  • Hyperimmune -- Allows you to resist almost every disease in the game and balances out the loss to endurance you took when you got nimble fingers. Must have, unless you are going vampire, which, I honestly wouldn't recommend (explanation later).
  • Salamander -- An amazing mutation that raises climb and swim. A great mutation if you go hideous freak.

Here is where things start to deviate a little into personal preference. I will continue to explain.

  • Clairvoyance -- This mutation allows you to travel around the Hellmoo world in a spirit form. Not too useful on its own unless you're a voyeur, but raises your focus total significantly.
  • Medium -- This allows you to use your focus ability to seek another player or NPCs. When you seek someone, it does a Focus Vs. Focus roll to determine if you can see where they are. If their focus is significantly higher, they will be able to see who is seeking them, exactly where they are, and the person seeking them will get a wrong reading and receive brain damage. If the person seeking has significantly higher focus the other person will not even know they have been seeked. This is an amazing support ability which raises your focus, and allows you to seek players for PVP purposes.
  • Phaser -- An alternative to Clairvoyance, and a great choice. Allows you to phase to a specific location, doesn't raise total focus as much as Clairvoyance, but it's upgrade makes it entirely worth it.
  • Blink -- Requires a large amount of focus (31+) to be able to be used, but is, in my opinion, the best mutation in the game. It allows you to blink anywhere in the game world by typing 'Blink <area>'. As a whip user, you will definitely have enough focus to use it. It is your choice whether to take this over medium or not.
  • Mule -- A pretty good mutation, I'd recommend getting all of your other ESSENTIAL mutations in before you decide to take Mule, it is very useful as a crafter though, as you'll be lugging around parts.
  • Billygoat -- Another mutation that I would recommend holding off. The +2 endurance is another whole point in focus, but I'd get other mutations first.
  • Xray Vision -- Another mutation that I would decide to put off. It's main downside can be completely off put by taking the clairvoyance mutation, but this is not an essential mutation by any means.
  • Chiller -- A lot of high end focus users like the benefits of Chiller over Carrie because of the hard to soak cold damage, and the debuffs to dodge if you hit someone with cold.
  • Carrie -- Some focus users prefer Carrie, but I can tell you personally that it isn't too useful for PVE OR PVP for the most part. The fire damage ticks are far and few between and I honestly consider if it is worth taking solar sponge for the use of Carrie. That doesn't mean I recommend Chiller infinitely more, you can honestly go with neither and be fine.
  • Camelfat -- You don't really have the endurance to use drugs, so, having the drugs be in your system for twice the time won't really be worth it. You might take it because it allows bleach to be in your system twice as long (for Hideous Freak implants) or because soda will last for like 20 minutes. Pretty useful. I might take it.
  • Superclot -- I am putting this in the MAYBE section. It isn't as great and all powerful as before, because it does not give +2 endurance, but, if you are at the end (280k+ EXP) and you honestly have nothing left to take, you might want to take it for PVP purposes. Rifles can really hit hard bleed, along with other whips. I would never recommend it beyond that though.

Let us move onto Soak mutations, these are very subjective. All your own choice, honestly.

  • High Density -- You may want to take this to off put the loss to beat soaks that you get with Nimble Fingers, and if you have a mutation slot open, I would take it, but, it is not essential by any means.
  • Firewalker -- Take this if you are going to go Solar Sponge. It gives you more burn soaks and makes fire not do as much damage to you.
  • Solar Sponge -- This mutation raises your brawn and brains when you're out doors and also allows hot situations and fire to heal you. You may want to take this, especially if you want to go with Carrie.
  • Yeti Skin -- Great to resist the cold. I might take it if you don't want to go with Carrie. The real buff comes with Yeti Fur.
  • Yeti Fur -- You will gain brains and brawn by being in cold areas, that means push all the crafting supplies into the freezer and you're set! This makes it really hard to go to warm places though, so that is somethin' you might want to worry about.

Now. Let us move onto mutations that you should NOT take. I know. That sounds stupid, but I have to point these out.

  • Brute Strength -- You may think it is a good idea to take brute strength to even out the 8 raw brawn you have, BUT, this untrue. You need the brains from Swollen Brain to be able to feint and the +1 senses from Swollen Brain also is helpful.
  • Flight -- Flight (and Leapfrog) are NOT recommended because you will obviously have more than enough pilot to fly a plane yourself and the loss to brawn and beat soaks will CRUSH you.
  • Brainslug -- You may think, 'FUCK YEAH, MORE BRAINS' but for the most part, Brainslug is a general debuff. I am not saying to not take it at all, it is just an extremely gimmicky mutation and you have enough brains already. Let's be real.
  • Fuck Machine -- Yes. You wanted to just JUMP on fuck machine. Why the hell not? Wrong. You do not NEED the +1 to cool, I will explain why in a moment. It is also very easy to just find someone to fondle and masturbate yourself instead of using the fantasize and cum commands.
  • Iron Liver -- Iron liver may seem like a good way to gain heals and destress at a low level, but you will have high enough medic skill to heal yourself and once you go hideous freak, the destress will reverse into stress, effectively making Iron Liver as a healing device, worthless. Salamander works as a more effective healing device when you go hideous freak and doesn't stress you.
  • Bleeder -- Do not take this. Bleeder makes you bleed all over yourself, and as a hideous freak, you have acid blood. You will be doing damage to your armor and yourself for frenzy that you could gain by using Hideous Freaks Scare command. Seriously, as a whips person, do not take this because the gains to brawn and senses from frenzy don't help much anyway.

  • Empath -- Explained in the section below.


Yes. I am going to do an entire section on Empath.

Look. I get it. You see Empath and you instantly think, "That's the crafting racial mutation! I am gonna take that!" and that's wrong.

Empath is a mutation that severely penalizes you in combat. If anything dies in your tile, near your tile, or even 8+ tiles away, you will gain a ton of stress and be put into shock. How do you kill an empath player? Bring a buddy along and have him kill himself mid fight.

Empath in its current state is a TERRIBLE MUTATION. You want to take Empath because of the increases to senses, brains, medic and focus, but let us examine a case study.

Let's say you have 10 brains. (I know, but bear with me.) The skill formula is

  1Stat + 2Stat / 2 - 2 + raw + mutations = Total.

If I have 10 brains then my craft will be:

  10 Brains - 2 + 6 raw = 14 total. 

Now, I take Empath, Empath will raise me to totals of 11 brains and 12 senses

  11 brains - 2 + 6 raw = 15

What does that equal? Wow! An entire ONE POINT OF CRAFT.

Let's take it one step further and analyze focus abilities. As an Empath you gain +1 brains and +2 senses and +3 focus. If I have 10 endurance and 10 senses, it will look like this.

  10 Endurance + 10 Senses / 2 - 2 + 6 raw = 14 total.

With Empath, we gain +3 focus, and +2 senses.

  10 Endurance + 12 Senses / 2 - 2 + 6 raw + 3 mutation = 18 total.

You sacrificed your entire combat ability for 1 point in craft, some focus and a couple of points in medic.

TL;DR Empath is an awful mutation because of the stupid stress gains from killing, no good abilities, doesn't provide anything useful over taking Hideous Freak or just staying a human and you don't need it to craft well.

Now. Let's talk about a REAL mutation.

Hideous Freak

Yes, I am doing an entire section on Hideous Freak.

I get it. You are saying, "B-But, I don't want to be a disgusting acidic snot spewing, disgusting hideous freak! I want to be a clean and pure person and sexhab with my friends like an idiot!" and here is where you are wrong. Let us again, do a case study. First, Hideous Freak vs. Empath.

If I have 10 brains, then my craft will be:

  10 Brains - 2 + 6 raw = 14 total. 

Now, craft used to be governed by Brains AND Senses, but due to recent changes, it is only governed by brains:

  10 Brains - 2 + 6 raw = 14 total. 

Taking Hideous Freak doesn't net you a bonus to craft as it did before the change, but compared to Empath, you'd still only be gaining one point, and the most important part about Hideous freak is the bonuses to total whips skill, dodge and most importantly, Focus.

If I again have 10 endurance and 10 senses, it will be something like this.

  10 Endurance + 10 Senses / 2 - 2 + 6 raw = 14 total.

If I take Hideous freak I will gain +1 endurance, +4 senses, and straight up +4 focus. It will be something like this.

  11 Endurance + 14 Senses / 2 - 2 + 6 raw + 4 mutation = 20.5 total.

And if you factor in the fact that Hideous Freak gains REVERSE STRESS which allows for you to near infinitely use focus mutations, it is clear that Hideous Freak is the winner above Empath. And as even more proof, you gain +4 senses as a Hideous Freak, which gives you 2 points in whips and 2 points in dodge. If you don't take Hideous Freak, you are going to get destroyed by someone who did.

You may ask, "Why not take both?" and that is explained on the Empath page.

You may also say, "I just want to stay human! I want to sexhab in Freedom City with all my stupid friends," and to that I say, it is entirely your own choice, but when we review the pros and cons of Hideous Freak:


  • +4 senses for more Focus, more dodge, more whips, more craft.
  • +4 focus for even more focus.
  • Reverse Stress gains which allows for easy dump of stress and use of focus mutations.
  • Scare Command which allows you to buff brawn to 15, allowing you to wear heavier armor and buffs your dodge up a fuck load.
  • Only FCEF Troops attack you in Necropolis.


  • Can not enter Freedom City.
  • Only two implants.

It can be said that taking Hideous Freak is a general must have for this kind of build, but, if you honestly, STILL are not convinced and you were completely serious about my last point. Yes, it is possible to buff cool to passable, custom emote usable, levels if you remain unhorny and wear enough bling. (You pervert.)

TL;DR Hideous freak is way better than Empath, and better than just staying human. I'd recommend you to take it.


Yes, I understand. This guide right now is FUCKING A long. It wouldn't be a comprehensive guide though if I did not tell you things beyond the basics.

You have sorted out what mutations you are going to take, you have sorted out what stats you're going to gym, you have grinded all of your skills to 6 raw, and now you ask. "What do I do now?"

Well, examine the weapons.

There are a couple of choices on Whips to use once you are past 6-7 raw. You should choose which weapon to use depending on the situation you are going into. If they don't soak shock well, use flash whips, if they soak shock well, go with Urumis or Razorchains.

Urumis - Urumis are the basic endgame whip. They do very high slash damage. You'll want to have two to dual wield them and carry around two, they are good against a lot of things, except stuff that soaks slash. You'll want to put a ninetails mod on both of them to raise the total slash damage you do, and you'll want to raise the total speed as well by putting a balanced grip on both, and, if you can find or make one, put acid pump kits on them as well to give them acid damage.

Flash Whips - Flash Whips are an endgame whip that do only shock damage. Shock damage is an obscure type of damage that not many enemies will soak. Most end-game players will be wearing armor that will soak shock damage for the most part (deathsuits) but they are great to use against NPC enemies and abomination players, as they can not use deathsuits or other armor to soak shock damage. You'll want to put a shock module and a balanced grip on these to raise the shock damage and speed. As well as a tentacle mod to give them additional bleed damage.

Razorchains - A recent addition to endgame whip family, they do slash damage and a tiny bit of bleed damage. They are great for PVP because of the small amount of unsoakable bleed damage they do. They also good in PVE as well. You'd want to dual wield them of course and put a balanced grip and tentacle mod on both of them to raise the speed and the tiny amount of bleed damage they do. Some people argue that you should put a ninetails mod on them to raise the slash they do and that's just fine too. Go with either, whichever you prefer.


Here is a list of EVERY SINGLE JOB IN HELLMOO, I know, it's pretty fucking massive, but they are going to be categorized into if they are possible for Hideous Freaks to do, impossible for them to do, or possible to do but they're harder. I will not include explanations on how to do the jobs, or what makes the impossible because it should be obvious, here we go.

Also: Some of these jobs require contracts/Information that you have to buy from people who don't sell to Hideous Freaks, I am going to categorize these jobs under 'Possible, but difficult' because you can have a friend buy it for you. But seriously, it's easier to just do these fucking jobs before you go Hideous Freak. Don't just go for the bare minimum that you can do, but ALSO don't attempt to do every job before you go Hideous Freak. Unless you're insane.


  • Moonshiner
  • Chef
  • Ghost Buster
  • Corpse Butcherer
  • Cluster Hunt
  • Junker Hunter
  • Fisherman


  • Orphan Exterminator
  • Shyster
  • Gambler
  • Corpse Grinder
  • Hitman
  • Deliveryboy
  • Scam Artist
  • Utility Worker
  • Whore
  • Pornstar
  • EEE Deliveryman
  • Pusherman
  • Mine Rescuer
  • Racist Hunter
  • Rescue Ranger
  • Prisoner Hunter
  • Burglar
  • Medic
  • Abortionist
  • Interceptor


  • Socializer
  • Prank Caller
  • Baby Farmer
  • Defender
  • Chop Shopper
  • Raider Killer
  • Reactor Tech
  • Entomologist
  • Dam Repairman
  • Crack Plumber
  • Weezer Feeder
  • Icehammer
  • Cluster Fuck
  • Mangler
  • Supply Runner
  • Organ Repo
  • Herpetologist
  • Oil Pumper
  • Stand and Deliver


  • Miner
  • Lumberjack

This list might not be so good based on your interpretation. You might think some jobs are not labelled correctly under the 'Possible, but difficult' category, but I am taking into account 'solo-ability' meaning, if it is possible to solo. Things like Pornstar are impossible to do solo because they require more than one person, and you can't buy camcorders outside of Freedom City. Something like Racist/Prisoner/Chud Hunter are all on the 'Possible, but difficult' list because you can have someone buy the contract for you, if not for that, it would be under the impossible catagory. So: depending on if you're a solo freak, or can have someone buy things for you in Freedom City is a determining factor in which jobs are doable and undoable, it's up to you to determine that, but for this list, I assume that you have someone who can buy things for you.


Yes, I know this was a long guide. If you feel that some things haven't been answered, go ahead and ask your local brains whips in your corp! (Trust me, there is one.) I will add more to this guide if anything does come up. I just hope that you found this guide informational, fun to read, and I can also hope that after you've read this you will go out and be an amazing medic, an amazing crafter, an amazing support and most of all... an amazing friend.

Thank you!