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helo young hoarder-to-be! crafterlyfe is fun as heck but it's not for everyone. here are some pros and cons:

  • your brawn will suck eggs, so even with mule you will not even be able to pick up some of the shit you craft. for this reason, carting things around becomes absolute hell for some of the more complicated craft items (see: planes)
  • also since your brawn is awful you will not be able to stack armor very well. even if u buff it w/ stimutacs and beef juice/solar sponge/yeti fur, you'd need to do it again if you ever take your shit off and want to put it back on, which is ANNOYING AS FUCK
  • this can make you pretty damned squishy compared to other builds
  • pick into people's planes and apartments!
  • but you probably won't be going silicone skin like a true picker build, so shockmaster kits will still fuck you up.
  • feinting! oh god, feinting is awesome, but you can't do it on zombros and like half or more of all enemies ever
  • craft your own shit instead of buying it! sell it for fun and profit!
  • fix your own goddamned equipment (and your corpies will beg you to fix theirs)
  • high medic means u can cure urself of p much everything but brain damage and mental illnesses
  • as a whip user you have the potential to roll focus, but pure crafters will get fucked over by focus attacks
  • nimble fingers means you'll either need to spend a soak mut slot on high density, or suffer the beat damage vulnerability
  • you are going hyperimmune no matter what, so no ATP abuse for you
  • on that note u also cannot have babies at all after taking HI so unless you are seriously dedicated enough to sit around with your thumb up your ass before praying to shit out live babies, gl w/ baby farmer
  • simming is fun but you can't do it unless u either own a corp or have access to a sim via your corp which is extremely rare
  • high scav means more loot for you! also you won't spend ten minutes trying to find a fucking door.
  • your cool will be pretty freaking bad even with max bling (ESPECIALLY if you go freak) so unless you like hella stress every tick do not wear too many implants
  • your endurance will also range from godawful to mediocre even with billygote+hyperimmune's bonuses
  • junkrat makes finding shit in your scav hoard a breeze
  • you have the potential to get the highest dodge totals out of any build! embrace this, but know that many enemies later on either ignore dodge entirely or just have ridiculously high to-hit.
  • your only PC2 weapon is garbage in almost any situation that isn't busting down a door! this contributes to your squishiness!
  • low brawn also means headbutts from other players will FUCK YOU UP and if they happen to be a zombie too you can't interrupt it by feinting either so welp
  • gun users are practically your hard counter and they are bullshit

here are some general things about crafterlyfe that are good 2 know:

  • buy rows of metal cabinets to fuel your obsessive hoarding
  • this is especially pertinent if you plan to go freak. buy as many rows as possible before taking the mutation, because the only place you can reliably buy them at hates freaks (sargo's stocks them EXTREMELY RARELY since most people bolt down their rows anyway)
  • do not store hides/pelts/etc in rows by themselves! shove them into duffle bags/etc first, then store those in a row.
  • label guns are your very best friends
  • unless you are a freak avram is also your friend since newb-ass motherfuckers frequently sell good shit to him because they don't know any better
  • weed is great (it will stress u out as a freak tho!). hella bonus to craft and focus! don't expect to do terribly well in combat if you're stoned off your ass, though. and take your gas mask off before smoking, idiot.
  • soda, peyote, and catfish to boost brains (and senses, in soda's case)
  • again, craft only relies on brains now! so don't worry about buffing senses to craft anymore (unless the schem requires proficiency in a senses-related skill)
  • complete mastery: ~30 total. serious expertise: ~25 total. expertise: ~20 total. good familiarity: ~15 total. some familiarity: ~10 total.
  • soylent will make you nauseous if you eat it after taking more than a couple mutations! billygote means you can just munch heads and other heavy objects to sustain yourself.
  • taking mule will make gleaming the cube a lot harder unless you also took lithodermis
  • sargo's can have good shit occasionally and is freak friendly to boot
  • picking is still fun but way less so than it used to be since the doors of anything owned by active players are barred completely from bashing or picking attempts in yellow and green zones alike.
  • HOVER PLATFORMS CANNOT MOVE THROUGH TRAVEL TILES. this means the only way to transport them through is via boat or plane, and when it comes to planes, they weigh a SHITLOAD. you'd need a patton or something to be able to fly with one, and then you have to take whatever it's carrying into consideration...

you are tagging craft and whips, this is not negotiable. you cannot viably go pure crafter, since you need to kill shit to get loot and experience. the other two skills you tag are your choice. imo, the following would be useful: medic, chemistry, science, locksmith, hack, and bombs. stay away from skills besides those. do not tag scavenge. its base cost is cheap enough. you also shouldn't tag pilot, since 6 raw is probably all you'll even need in it due to your stats.

when it comes to grinding, you must definitely get the following skills to 6 raw: whips, scavenge, craft, pilot, and medic. grinding the following is more of a pain, so if you buy them imo it's totally fine: science, chemistry, bombs, focus, climb hack and locksmith sort of fall in the middle of these categories, since they're easy to grind, but boring as fuck (plus there aren't many jobs that give IP in them). if you actually grind dodge i will simultaneously pity you and be impressed.

grinding works best when your total in the skill is 10~14. any buffs/debuffs (besides mutations) will reduce the chance of IP gain. for crafting at least, IP gain is also affected by the difficulty level of what you are trying to make compared to your current skill level. there is a 15-second cooldown after gaining IP in a skill, though you can still gain IP from other skills during this time.

the following mutations are absolutely required: Swollen Brain, Twitchy Nerves, Hyperimmune, Nimble Fingers, Billygoat, Bloodhound, and Junkrat.

not required, but highly recommended: Fuck Machine, Mule, High Density, Superclot, Hideous Freak, and Xray Vision.

focus muts are great if you're going focus. if not, they're pretty shitty. pick Carrie if you went with Solar Sponge, Chiller if Yeti Fur, and uh... idk which would be better if you didn't take either of those.
Writhing Smoke is good for grinding focus and very little else. screech is awesome since if your focus is higher than the enemy's, it puts them into SHOCK. that's beautiful. it also lets you escape from silicate/glass trees and the like! very handy.
salamander is incredible, even though it has a small penalty to craft. who gives a shit? your craft is going to be insanely high anyway.
Brainslug used to be good. this is no longer the case, at all, whatsoever. the brains bonus is very tempting, but here are a list of reasons why you should not fucking take brainslug:

  • it is A BITCH AND A HALF to get
  • you can no longer slug the vast majority of potentially useful npcs/enemies
  • any money in your credchip is slowly absorbed by the slugmind over time
  • slugged players can just drink bleach to thwart you
  • a -2 penalty to your already abysmal brawn
  • a -1 penalty to reflexes (why? WHY????)
  • being horny now stresses you the fuck out
  • anyone on slugnet can see your current location

chud is shit, especially compared to hyperimmune, let alone freak.

empath is shit. it is so shit, oh my god. do not take it, please. ever.
Plant Whisperer is still shit but not nearly as bad as empath. if you don't mind being debuffed in literally any kind of weather that isn't clear skies, and getting stressed the fuck out if a plant happens to be in your tile, its main perk is pretty goddamned useful for crafters.

take whatever soak muts you want, pretty much, but you really should take High Density, even though it only leaves you with 2 other soak muts left. that beat vulnerability hurts your already poor survivability. however, if you take Yeti Fur, you don't need high density at all (unless you're going flight).
Silicone Skin's soaks are pretty situational, but not gibbing ever has a lot of synergy with autodefibs. also, you can shrug off shockmasters pretty easily while picking.
eelskin has awesome soaks, and it would be absolutely fantastic if water actually fucking mattered in this game. because it doesn't. the only reason you would legitimately want its side bonuses would be if you wanted to farm the kraken a lot, and even then he just deals crush damage anyway.
Solar Sponge is fucking amazing oh my god. it makes subterranean colony, screaming chasm, and coventry island a lot less awful (if you're burning at a rate above 5, though, you will start taking damage). just be careful in weezer (unless you ditched high density for yetiskin).
Yeti Fur is actually useful to crafters, since you can just sit in your freezer for the brawn/brains bonuses, and you can viably substitute it for high density since it gives beat resist! that heat vulnerability gets extremely scary in some endgame areas, though...
lithodermis is incredible and hilarious. rad-q stuns while climbing are no longer a threat, and you can survive ridiculously long falls with minimal damage. resistance to knockouts, broken bones, and brain damage is EXTREMELY nice to have. this is my very favorite soak mut in the game. it's incompatible with flight, but your build isn't exactly geared towards getting that in the first place. just, uh, make sure you have enough climb to get back OUT of adamant canyon after taking the mutation. also, your inventory will now always contain an invisible, immovable item that weighs 12.5kg. take mule to offset this, and then even while naked you won't get stressed.

as far as travel muts go, your naturally high senses predispose you to clairvoyance or phaser, but if you don't want to go focus, then... i guess leapfrog might be okay? if you don't mind either taking yeti skin or freezing to death, anyway. the -1 to your already low brawn hurts, too, and you get EVEN MORE beat vulnerability...
do note that your corp will love the shit out of you if you go medium.