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Twitchy Nerves is a mutation that trades Focus and Senses for a boost to Reflexes. It is the most popular mutation in the game, and has been for years, thanks to the power of the +2 Reflexes at a relatively minor cost.


Twitchy Nerves is located in Vault 4 in the Wasteland. The Wasteland entrance to the vault can be seen on lm, but the entrance tile must be searched before the entrance will appear.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +2 to Reflexes
    Passive: -1 to Senses
    Passive: -2 to Focus


  • +2 Reflexes. Reflexes is an extremely important stat for most builds, making this a powerful buff.


  • -1 Senses. This stops Twitchy from being a direct +1 to Whips and Dodge, and penalizes some other skills, but the penalty is minor compared to +2 Reflexes; Senses is much easier to buff.
  • -2 Focus. This brings the mutation to -2.5 focus in total, but most players consider this an acceptable trade for the Reflexes, aside from dedicated focus minmax builds.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

   He/She seems a little jumpy.

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