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Trophies are (mostly) miscellaneous items dropped by certain unique, named mobs. By themselves they're not good for much, but when placed in a trophy case from Ye Olde Victrola in Corpclave and put into your apartment, they raise the room's chill value by 4. The actual number of trophies that can be acquired is unknown, but is estimated to be around 60-65 (there are over a hundred trophies in the game, most of which can't be acquired by players anymore). The trophy case lists your number of trophies out of 37, however, this is simply from a time when there was only 37 trophies.

Most trophies will need to be either taken from the corpse or butchered, with a select few needing to be stripped using the strip command. Note that butchering the corpse of an enemy that drops a non-butcher trophy without first picking the trophy up will destroy it.

Some trophies are useful as clothing, armour or weapons, or as crafting ingredients.

Easy: You could do this while playing on a phone
Medium: Bring some armor and a good weapon
Hard: Bring friends
Very Hard: Bring smart friends

Table of Trophies

Name Dropped From Location Butchered/Looted Difficulty Notes
Black Tongue of Boss Hogg Boss Hogg Chemical Plant Butchered Easy The tongue is considered a consumable item, but will not rot.
Charred Photograph Rock Hardplace Top of Lanyard Court Fire Station in Gangland. Looted Hard(place) Rock hits hard and is usually surrounded by firemen.
Chain Collar Boozer Underneath the porch in Gangland's Crackhouse. Strip it from him. Easy Is usually at very low durability when found. Boozer is a Vampire, and could possibly infect you with his bite unless you are Hyperimmune.
Coarse Robe Guru Mt. Fisty Strip it from him. Hard Guru attacks at a speed of 0.7. That's REALLY fast.
Chukka Horns Chukka Zulu In a nest north of the Redneck encampment in Crater Rim. You'll need to be able to get past J'Mak. Butchered Easy Chukka Zulu is not a whole lot tougher than a regular chukka.
Copper Pipe Charnold Chud Stash, in the sewers underneath Slagtown. Looted (auto) Easy The pipe can be used as a low-raw club. Charnold himself is slightly harder than a chobo, which are about the strength of a chud anyway.
Small Tusk Propecia Second floor of the Crack Mansion. Butchered Easy Propecia is essentially a weaker babymomma. Shouldn't be too hard to low-level players.
Rotting Talons Four-Armed Zombro Bradbury Basement, down several flights of stairs. Butchered Easy There will usually be multiple Bradbury zombies with him. He has at least some slash soak in addition to the normal soaks for zombies.
Karnivore Gangleader Jacket Lord Belding Roof of Nukem Academy in Gangland. Looted Medium Belding has an AR-17, bring cab gear.
Forest Seed Heart of the Forest Crater Forest Looted Hard Does damage to everyone in the room similar to the Kraken, bring a party.
Hosaka Daikatana Usagi Yojimbo Wanders Looted (auto) Medium Usagi is p tuff and good with his daikatana. High tohit.
Black Coin Slot Angry Soda Machine Abandoned Highway Butchered Easy-Moderate All you need is a tad bit of elec soak, try not to get hit with a soda can.
Bird Cage Ghost Dog Gangland Looted Easy He only has a katana, about as strong as the dudes on Kakuri.
Bible Father Sam Slagtown Looted Easy As strong as other scumbags, ie really weak.
Pile of Old Bandages Dan Asty Wanders Looted Medium He attacks players over 100k xp, has good dodge and uses throwing knives. All you have to do is soak the knives.
Wooden Smoking Pipe Dad Edith's House Looted Easy He's a ghost so weapons capable of elemental damage is a must, he also typically spawns with low health for some reason.
Tiny Skeleton Shoggoth Beneath the Orphanage Butchered Medium Shoggoth's cause fear, also they do acid damage so stack a few cultist robes.
Gray Microphone Savage Michael Stormfront Looted Medium He uses assgays, bring something to parry or k him quickly.
Bloodied Fang Necklace Tyrone Belmont Wanders Looted Hard Previously easy to take on if you're not a vamp, he's now supercharged with speed you can only dream of, and deals more damage compared to his previous self. Vamps beware.
Moon pie Machine on the moon The moon Acquired Easy Press button, receive pie.
Elongated Fang Master Vampires Slagtown at night Butchered Medium Being vampires they have really great stats and can do a lot of damage, but they're slow.
Broken Wristpad Hawthorn Wanders Looted Medium He has a built-in exosuit and swings his chainsaw lance much faster than most players could ever dream.
Crown of Thorns Jesus Spawns randomly Looted Easy Jesus is p tuff.
Punisher Suit The Punisher Wanders Looted Medium Punisher has great soaks and wields a RIP-4 Shiver Axe, speaking of the shiver axe...
RIP-4 Shiver Axe The Punisher Wanders Looted Medium He only drops it if you either knock him out and take it, or knock it out of his hands.
Fancy Fedora Burroughs Maas Neotek Looted Medium Uses tentacle whips, decently tuff.
Robes of the Lamb Prchr Village of Lurleen Looted Medium He has chainsaw hands but is a pushover if you attack him while hes attacking the shoggoth spawn.
Saffron Robe Buddha Spawns randomly Looted Easy About as hard as Jesus.
Exhaust Cylinder Truckasaurus Crater Rim Butchered Easy Not very tuff, can spawn in redneck invasions of Slagtown
Fist-sized Ruby Chimera Aphotic Grotto Looted Medium Nowhere near as tuff as you would think.
Samaritan Hellboy Wanders around Necropolis Looted (auto) Hard Samaritan is slow, but it only takes two shots to kill you, never try to outgun Hellboy.
Alligator mask SpacePope Gangland Looted Easy Not as tuff as you would expect
Fine Katana Roshi Heihachi Kakuri Island Looted (auto) Easy Dodgy, just grab and k.
Exo-plate Scrap Raider Bosses Spawn in certain areas, see the Raider Bosses page for more information. Looted Medium They have great soaks but their difficulty depends on the weapon they're using.
Set of Balls Johnny Fiveaces Round Corner Looted Medium Johnny uses a hammerhead and isn't that bad with it.
Giant Eyeball Deep One Abomination Sealab Butchered Medium Tough, can eat your gear.
Giant Nascar Mug Grandpappy Glowstiller Looted Hard He uses tentacles and can be a bitch.
Kraken Beak Kraken Sewers Butchered Hard Damages an entire room, plus you're underwater and swinging slow as fuck, bring a party.
Golden Badge McBain Freedom City Looted Hard Push McBain in front of a train.
Fearsome Hound's Collar Cerberus Coventry Island Looted Hard You need a party of well-armed, high-skill players.
Nun's Habit Sister Agnes Orphanage Strip it from her. Easy Weaker than one of those satanist nuns, bring decent gear.
Poem Picture Jack New Clearwater Looted Easy He's aggressive with players who took his precious Superclot. A pushover.
Golden Bauble Captain Wei Hei Zhenzhu Looted Medium Sports a Desert Hawk .71 revolver, fight fire with fire, or fight soaky and fast.
Spider Brain Spider Mastermind LB3 Butchered Very Hard Currently not obtainable. Maybe in the future?
Bug Egg The Bug Queen Sewers Looted Easy Kill this one, the item is in the west room, bring a smoke/spew when you get eaten (unless that's your fetish).
US Flag Memphis Freedom City Acquired Easy Complete the job associated with this NPC.
Famous Sunglasses Care Dog Any Port Looted Very Hard You better know what you're doing.
Giant Prostrate Gland Gheydora Skullcano! Butchered Hard If you can get a team through Stormfront, then said team can probably take it.
Severed Hoof The Minotaur House of Leaves Butchered Hard Don't jump down.
Red Headband Chambocabra Sky strip it from him. Medium Carries an AK-7, p. tuff, wear some good bullet soaks.
Woman Mask Moms Ghost Sharpton Interior Dropped Easy Use emp grenades, grenade to d, or give crank to nazkar and get ready for a fight.
Queen's Mandibles Ant Queen Subterranean Colony Butchered Medium-Hard She has backup, bring some yourself.
Deathshead Kalt Das Kochenhammer Journal. Very Hard Wields a 12mm Flughammer loaded with Chudstoppers and has the stats of an Übermensch.
Deathsuit Screamer Base Journal. Medium Have a chat with the WOPR.
Worm-eaten diary Coventry Island Scavenge Medium Hard to find.
Supervisor nametag Supervisor Marco Diablo Seco strip Medium Sports a lasblaster, so maybe bring a few mid xp dudes/dudettes with you.
Folded origami sculpture Bae Su-Mi Botany Bay Journal Easy-Moderate Will cost you 5k and a pain in the dick.
Tentacle Tentacle Spawner St. God's Memorial Hospital Basement Butchered Very Hard Strips armor and rapes people. Oh my.
Warhammer 40K action figure Impossible From a zone no longer accessible.
War-Torn Camera Frank West Mall Acquired Hard-Very Hard Complete Frank's quest. It's a pain.
Jiang Shi Hat The old Chinese man Ocean Cliffs Acquired Easy Completion of the Jiang Shi contract nets you this trophy. Jiang shis are basically necro zombies' younger brother.
Trimmed Pink Schoolgirl Panties Maas Neotek Another PROBABLY unobtainable trophy, still needs confirmation and experimentation.
Patchwork Nanotube Suit Remington Coventry Island strip from corpse Very Hard Well, get tons of nerds on him, or maybe several gunners in cover.