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Trading Cards are collectible items that reveal some information about players and admins alike. They can found in the gameworld through a few different means. The easiest way for you to find and get started collecting them would be to visit Commander Andy's and buy some booster packs or individual cards from him. There is also the rumor that Commander Andy of course has the largest collection himself, if one could only get past into his apartment downstairs... Individual cards also spawn in the orphanage on the ground together with the other artifacts there. Cards can also be found on the lost orphans in Gangland, sometimes.

Quality!? My cards got all smudged! How do I keep them mint?

A simple solution to your problem is to head down to Commander Andy's and buy a pair of latex gloves, wear those. They will protect your mint cards from detoriorating any by handling. Anytime you use a command on a card (even examine, I believe) you have a chance of smudging it and ruining the mint condition. After mint, your card will be in "very good" condition - but if further mishandled it will start to show smudges and lose almost all of its value.

So where do I keep my cards?

A cheap solution for the player on the go is to get a trading card album. This is lightweight and you can carry your cards with you anywhere. The problem is limited space. A trading card case however will let you store four hundred cards at your leisure. A case does well in an apartment as well, as having many cards in it can give your apartment up to a 50 cool points bonus, and no clutter since a case counts as furniture. Both of these can be bought from Andy.


Players and admins can sign their cards for you. If you've never done it and you have the chance, then I suggest you do! Signed cards are of course more valuable than unsigned ones.

When placed in a case I get all sorts of symbol next to them?!

Indeed, when trading cards are put up for display you will start noticing that certain letters will show up next to some cards in brackets. From my understanding these mean:

  • (w) = Wizard
  • (a) = Admin
  • (c) = Chillmin
  • (h) = Holographic
  • (m) = Mint Condition
  • (fe) = First Edition
  • (s) = Signed

A card can have multiple of these tags. Being (m), (s) and (h) for instance. This would of course raise the value of the card.

What do these things mean on my card?

An admin card might contain stuff like this like this:

On the back are listed some cryptic statistics:

 Objects:      27      Templates:    1
                       Areas:        1
                       Rooms:        2
 Whacks:       40
 ZOTZ!:        35

Objects refered to objects created/owned, whacks and ZOTZ! are types of punishment. Templates, areas and rooms all refer to building stuff in the actual game world space.

A players card looks like this:

On the back are listed some cryptic statistics:

 XP:           33977
 Journals:     106
 Caches:       3
 Rumors:       0
 Fatalities:   116

Most of these are pretty self explanatory, caches refers to geo-caches and fatalities to the amount of kills achieved by such.

Remember to ALWAYS wear your latex gloves, even when picking cards up from the ground! Have fun collecting!