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To track someone you'll need keen senses to not lose their scent.

There are two uses for tracking. First, you can use track with no qualifier. This will give you a general idea of which players are nearby and how close they are to you. Second, you can also use track <name> to get specific directions to that person or creature. The higher your track, the more directions you will receive. If your track is not very high, you may have to track someone many times before you actually reach them.


  • You can't track further than 3 rooms away anymore. No more 40+ track finding you across an entire area.
  • For an easy track boost - if you use track often - consider the Bloodhound mutation. Also useful for senses skills in general.
  • You cannot use track to find NPCs or creatures, only players. For NPCs or creatures, you'll have to be more specific and track <name>.
  • You are not able to track people in other zones than you. That is, if you are in Freedom City, you will not be able to track someone who is currently in Shoreline.
  • Tracking people causes stress, so players have to be careful about overusing it. However, the stress gain is relatively low - at 12 cool, 3 tracking attempts will gain roughly 7 stress. Nothing to worry about, but just keep it in mind if you're close to another stress level.

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