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This is a listbox template that links to all of HellWiki's skill pages. It goes at the bottom of each skill page to aid navigation between skill pages. The skills are split into rough, abstract categories to aid readability. To call it, insert {{SkillsListbox}} at the bottom of any page's source, just before the categories.

Weapon Skills BladesClubsFistsFlailsMedicPistolsRiflesScienceSpearsWhips
Combat Skills BombsDodgeFocusQuickdrawTortureWrestle
Mobility Skills ClimbPilotRideSwim
Support Skills HackLocksmithMedicRepairTeachTrack
Crafting Skills ChemistryCraftScience
Miscellaneous Skills AppraiseFishFuckLinguistPersuadeScavengeSneakThrow
Defunct Skills FeetSteal