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This is a template used for bypassing the wiki's redirect problem, which has been around since the server migration in 2017. It must be used to access any page that has an apostrophe in its title (unless that page has a redirect page already). When used correctly, RedirectBypass looks like this:

Pegleg Pete's

Usage and Appearance

This template uses html and MediaWiki shenanigans to disguise what is, in reality, an external link to an internal page (RedirectBypass can only access pages on HellWiki). This is used because external links are the only way to link to a page with the "&redirect=no" option appended to the link; internal links in MediaWiki do not support such suffixes. As such, this is a link that links to an internal page through external-link syntax, before being disguised as an internal link so that it looks seamless. Without this, HellWiki would be full of weird links that look like they are leading to external sites.

Using RedirectBypass looks like this:

{{RedirectBypass|Option 1|Option 2}}

  • Option 1 is quite fiddly - it must be filled with the page name of the page that you wish the link to point to, but it must be written as it appears in the URL bar (without spaces). In this example, it'd be Pegleg_Pete's. If there is a space in Option 1, the template will not work properly and it will look dumb.
  • Option 2 is simpler - this is simply the text that is displayed on the page. This allows you to write whatever you want as the link's text, meaning that you don't have to have an underscore or anything, as with Pegleg Pete's. As an illustration:

{{RedirectBypass|Pegleg_Pete's|Pegleg Pete's}} will produce Pegleg Pete's.

Some pages already have redirect pages such as Pegleg Petes. They were created before anyone on HellWiki figured out the link-disguising trick that RedirectBypass uses and made this template. These pages are fine as they are; they take up negligible space and provide some extra wiggle-room in case of typos, but there is not generally any need to make more for reasons of redirect bypassing.