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This is a listbox template that links to all of HellWiki's corporation pages. It goes at the bottom of each corp page to aid navigation between skill pages. The corps are split into importance categories, based at the ingame leaderboards accessible in the Citihall.

To call it, insert {{CorpsListbox}} at the bottom of any page's source, just before the categories.

Corporations - current and defunct
Major corps: rich & active MINACOTNCWZRPMCVIOLETRUIN
Sleeping corps: rich, not active CHILLSYMBWHAT
Developing corps: not rich, active BNH2NEETECMSFAMP
NPC corporation for new players ENEMA
Defunct corporations ATIBRONYCOPSF13DODDONGSFreedomIsntFree

FUNGREEKSJecklesonhyde InstituteKiller Green Bud, Ltd.KROME


SS ConglomerateVGoku

Other info on corporations CorporationScoreboardCryptoScoreboard