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I wish the teacher was more busty and less brainy..


Teach is a brains skill that allows you to teach skills that you know to other players, requiring you to have the very RAW level that you want to teach or more in that certain skill and a high enough teach level.

Teach Skill

Teach scales with brains only.

teach       1.00  +4     [17] Brn       504xp Professor.

Even this character with 18 Brains and 1 Raw in Teach will not be able to teach anything that he has at 15 Raw himself up to the maximum of 15!

There is no table or list that shows what level of teach is required to teach to a certain raw, yet.

The character without the teach skill would have only able to teach up to a RAW of 2, even though he had a total Teach Level of 9 and the maximum RAW potential of 6. See below for more information.

Teach Level & 'Teach' Command

Every char has the teach command, which will open a list of skills he or she can teach, including the level that can be taught. Typing teach will also show your teach level, regardless whether you have the teach skill or not.

Entering teach ingame will show you a list like these. Note that the second one was checked right before learning teach 1 Raw. (And medic 5.)

You're a level 17 teacher.
You can teach any of these skills:
Skill          Raw   Teach up to
whip           6     6
medic          5     5
repair         4     4
dodge          3     3
appraise       2     2
craft          2     2
fists          2     2
scavenge       2     2
climb          1     1
science        1     1
teach          1     1

If you do not have the Teach Skill yet, you can check your teachable skills regardless of that. See here:

You're a level 9 teacher.
You can teach any of these skills:
Skill          Raw   Teach up to
appraise       2     2
craft          2     2 
dodge          2     2
fists          2     2
medic          4     2
repair         4     2
scavenge       2     2
whip           6     2
climb          1     1
science        1     1

Teach In Action

SO to teach, you need:

To be a teacher with the potential to teach up to the desired level - as well as the RAW in the skill itself that you want to teach.

Check 'teach' ingame before offering somebody a lesson.

While as a student you need:

Enough XP to learn the skill you want to the desired RAW level.

You will automatically be taught to the next level of skill, as long as the teacher has that, or a higher teachable value.

If those requirements are met, you people meet up in the same room.

Where the TEACHER types this:

type: "teach SKILL to STUDENT"
[ You offer to teach STUDENT about medic. ]

If your student accepts, you wont get anything at all because fuck you.

The STUDENT will recieve a message like this, stating the offer:

[ TEACHER offers to teach you medic for 660XP.  Type 'learn medic from TEACHER' to learn from him. ]

And if you follow the instructions to accept (and have enough XP, 660 in this case), these messages will appear:

type: "learn SKILL from TEACHER"
[ You spent 660 XP. ] 
[ You feel your medic ability improving! ] 
[ Your clone has been updated free of charge. ] 
[ TEACHER no longer offers to teach you about medic. ]

However, if you wait 20 seconds or something, the offer will automatically be canceled.

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