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also please post the speed/damage/dps depending on the 'gear' viewpoint from an orphan character kthx!!!!!!!! 76Moogle

Or we can just get rid of them seeing how they aren't very important seeing how they can change with skills and stats!!!!!

that would work too

I still think speed/damage/dps is important, because or else this chart is just a look-up for RAW requirements. Oh, and I started adding the 'handed-ness' as well, that's important too. Ghost19 01:50, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

I am going to start adding the "base (damage)" for those that I can; the base damage is constant despite our skill (only the "effective (damage)" and "to hit" changes according to our skill, and through those two the "DPS" is affected. Ghost19 21:52, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

Replaced the DPS column (terrible idea) with a crit% column (v important thing) -Mcd Also, listing the reflex/brawn weapon speed caps at would be better than speed

Filled in the entry for the Walter PP7 (which is P99 ingame, unless theres two walter's and I'm retarded in which case just revert). Also added the crit chance to the Fork, Switchblade, Machete, Sonic Scalpel, Poison Pick, and Bruce Springsteel entries, as well as filled in the chaingun/quakegun entry, and added the Shotgun (quake) and Ripper Blade entries. - Neurolimal

Someone put the pipe gun in there. Cause it really exists and is quite versatile. -Nublet0001

Pretty sure Laser damage always sets things on fire, gonna put almost always just in case though. -Sydney