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Tri-Net Corporation

Insider description - Violaceus, July 2021
"The corporation steps up to the challenge of workgroups, which goes to show that a standard guesstimate has resolution. Empowerment creates benefit. It's so clear that mindshare makes it happen. A sweet spot continues to realize the benefits of best-of-breed mergers, so benefits fast-track the leadership positions. Customer bases agree to disagree on a price point, however corporate big wins can sign off on a win-win environment. "

Created by Violaceus right after the pwipe of 2016, as continuation of his pre-wipe corporation "I" on which he has worked with maniac. Right after pwipe, a certain rape simulator community external to HellMOO has been convinced to join/return to the moo and vast majority of them joined TNC, which very quickly made the corporation the most populated one. Interest quickly waned, however, and only few most dedicated people from that community remained, among them Lemon, who had a great part in developing the material base of the corporation.

Time passed and through the years, the corporation went through many cycles of sliding to inactivity and rebirth, tutoring dozens of new players.

In early 2020 Violaceus once again limited his activity in HellMOO and transferred CEO position to Cupid, as well as a share in the company, himself assuming more strategic role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Under Cupid's leadership, the corporation substantially grew in terms of raw power, being able to compete and win against the murderous corporations of the past.

Middle of 2021 brought return of Violaceus to Tri-Net as the biggest non-carebear corporation, as well as return of maniac and emergence of a new executive - Leila. Called a bloatcorp by the enemies and responsible power wielders by its friends, it remains as one of the most prominent corporations in HellMOO.

Holders: Violaceus, Cupid

Board: Leila, maniac

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