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Superclot is a passive mutation that bestows total immunity to bleeding. It is incompatible with Bleeder and Zombie.


Located in the northernmost room of the Abandoned Subway Station in the Subway Tunnels deep below Slagtown. There are no hostile mobs en route, except for possibly a chobo.


This mutation grants:

   Passive: 100% immunity to the "bleed" status effect.
   Passive: High chance to prevent vampires from feeding.


  • Convenience. Superclot mutants never need to use bandages or suture kits, and never need to worry about inconvenient extra damage. This is doubly convenient for vamps and freaks.
  • No blood loss KO. Big bleeds can cause knockouts; Superclot mutants will never suffer these.
  • Good for carebears. CBs have little use for Bleeder outside of brag-fishing and some niche PvE.
  • Can prevent death. Occasionally, the health saved from a lack of bleeds can stop mutants from dying in extreme situations.


  • Incompatible with Bleeder. Frenzy on command is very strong, especially for PvP. The only thing that comes close to Bleeder's power and consistency in this regard is Freak's scare.
  • Dubious for PvP. PvP fights end too quickly for bleeds to matter, and Bleeder offers a lot more PvP utility.
  • Small safety increase. Fights won't last long enough for mutants to bleed out, and big hits from heavy-bleed mobs will usually stun long enough for a follow-up kill shot, meaning superclot won't help.


This mutation does not alter a character's appearance.

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