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These radio-transmitting deployable cameras can be used for remotely keeping an eye on your stuff, or for spying on folks.

How they work

Set a frequency on the stickycam and encrypt it to prevent other users from chancing upon the frequency. Unless you're an exhibitionist. Deploy the stickycam. Next enter

radio <your frequency>
radio key=<your encryption>

into your wristpad and you will be able to view the through the sticycam using your radio.

Where to get them

They can be bought in Botany Bay, though they are randomly stocked. They can also be crafted.


Once deployed, you can only attack the stickcam to destroy it, and you won't be able to set and change the frequencies and encryptions.
This is very useful for keeping tabs on your boats/planes/apartments for the paranoid. Just deploy a camera in your apartment and maintain an updated status. Take it as a second line of defense after the informer door kit.
A useful trick is to deploy it in a room with televisions set to certain channels like FNN so you can be updated on the status of raider bosses and invasions.