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Silicone Skin is a soak mutation which gives resistance against acid, electric, explosive and laser damage, as well as implant damage and gibbing. This mutation is often taken for its implant preservation perk, and is the most popular Tier 2 soak mutation for Carebears.

This mutation requires Rubberskin and is incompatible with Zombie.


Silicone Skin can be found at the oasis in Glass Mesa.


This mutation has the following effects:

     2-4 acid resistance
     2-6 laser resistance
     2-6 explode resistance
     2-4 electric resistance
     Become unhackable and ungibbable
     Implants never take damage
     Heal 20% less from trauma kits
     +3 HP


  • 2-4 acid soak. Combined with Rubberskin, this is 3-6 soak, which mostly shuts out acid damage from freak blood. Otherwise, acid damage is rare and too high for this to help, so this is a low-value soak.
  • 2-6 laser soak. Laser is extremely rare, but is very hard to armor against and also hits for fairly low amounts, which gives Silicone more protective potential against it. This is a medium-value soak.
  • 2-6 explode soaks. This is niche, since XP soaks explosions, but it is extremely good at soaking explosive damage from flak cannons, and helps against rifles users with thumpers. A medium-value soak.
  • 2-4 elec soaks. Combines with Rubberskin for 5-10 elec soak; this helps a ton against elec-damage weapons (which are hard to soak) and also with picking Shockmaster locks. A high-value soak.
  • No implant damage. Players with Silicone Skin will never take damage to their implants due to their corpses rotting. Hideous freaks and Abominations are still restricted to 2 (or 4 with bleach) implants, due to their acidic blood.
  • Can't be butchered. This stops other players from cutting your head off to prevent you from being reviveable.
  • Can't be gibbed. Any harm that would normally gib a Silicone Skin mutant will simply kill them instead, again allowing them to be revived. The sole exception to this is fatalities.
  • Incredible Carebear synergy. Carebears can never have their implants stolen, and this mutation prevents them from being damaged. Short of the most colossal mistakes, the first implant set a Silicone Skin carebear buys will last forever, which saves a lot of money.
  • +3 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


  • -20% healing from trauma kits. This is a minor thing, but it is noticeable if you don't have another avenue of healing to supplement trauma kits.
  • Can't get headscanned. Hardly anyone does headscans anyway, but the option is closed to you all the same.
  • Can't have implants rescued. If you die somewhere and drop all your implants, your friends must wait until your body rots before they recover them; they can't be cut out.
  • Not always helpful in PvP. Odds are, if someone wants your implants, they'll just camp your corpse or drag it into a plane and wait for it to rot.
  • Fatalities can still dismember. They will prevent you from being defibbed just like normal.

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