Shortyish's guide to scavenging

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So, you want to be a scavenger...

First off, skills. The skill you will want to tag in the dreams of before are:

1. Whips or Spears

2. Scavenging

3. Crafting

4. (Your Choice Here)

Why Whips?

Well, whips are affected by senses, which also affect scavenging. Its the only weapon that compliments scavenging. Besides spears. But thats not the point.

Why Crafting?

You can craft shit from the junk you find by scavenging.

Other Good Skill Choices:

Repair - Compliments crafting, and you can repair your shit for free

Medic - Compliments crafting, and you can heal your ass for free

Track - Compliments scavenging, and you can find people for free

How to get started

Well, theres several ways to get started:

Route one:

Get the Bloodhound mutation first before doing anything. It will save you time, and even if you don't have a place to keep your stuff, you wont lose anything because you shouldn't have anything. After getting bloodhound, grind whips and get your first 4000 experience killing orphans and possibly crackheads and dogs. After you get your second mutation slot, go get the Junkrat mutation in Gangland. And then you will probably have enough raw in whips to defend yourself from atleast some rats in the Sharpton Projects, and you will have the junkrat mut to find any rats nests and shit. This is where medic comes in handy.

Route two: Go straight to the crack mansion and scavenge for crank rocks. Do the pusherman job. In between pusherman jobs, go to gangland and scavenge for chrome hubcaps. Sell the hubcaps to the guy at Salvage Unlimited for about 100 dollars a piece. After getting 4000 exp from the pusherman job (or from anything else you might have done) go and get the Bloodhound mutation. Be sure to stow your gear in your apartment or somewhere else safe, or you will probably get raped by a yeti or a apeman in Mountain Pass. Once you got the mutation, go and get Junkrat. Now, you might not have enough raw to defend yourself in SP yet, so either get a stronger friend to come with you or grind whips.

more to come kiddies