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Shoreline is directly east of Freedom City, and is the city's docking hub. A small portion of the zone is green and covered by FCPD cams, but most tiles are yellow. Shoreline is most often visited for its job opportunities, boat outlet, and apartment complex.


  • Gator Boy is here, guarding the Salamander mutation spot (which is also an entrance to the Aphotic Grotto). He's a little stronger than a crackhead.
  • Hawthorn isn't native to this zone, but he often gets stuck behind Gator Boy and hangs around here. If he is killed, his broken wristpad counts as a trophy.
  • Slim Stabby is to the south of the zone. He teaches all levels of persuade, and is a key NPC for several jobs.
  • Doctor Slepian is on the border of Freedom City and Shoreline. He can offer abortions if you talk to him, and can be killed without penalty for a coat hanger (used for the abortionist job).
  • Master vampires hang out in their cave in the far south of the zone, past the galleria. They often get killed by Tyrone Belmont before they can do anything, but if left unchecked they will attempt to feed on you and infect you with vampirism. They're stronger than most Freedom City mobs, with high-damage claw attacks and good stats.
  • A mutant shark wanders the water here. It's pretty weak but will mess up very low-XP players. Mutant sharks have a kill journal with 72 XP, and are also worth $210 each on the Beachcomber contract.
  • Molegulls wander around here. They have a kill journal worth 24 XP, and are worth $50 each on the Beachcomber contract.


  • Two boat docks are here: one to the far south, near Slim Stabby, and the other further north, just south of the start of the Corpclave wall.
  • Two shops are here: Bait & Switch (basic fishing supplies) and the Weyland-Utani Warehouse (crates of soda).
  • The Innsmouth is here; see the Apartments page for more information.
    • There is a mural outside the Innsmouth that will grant anal fetish IP when looked at.
  • Random drops from the ocean occasionally wash up on the beach here - sometimes half-empty trauma kits, sometimes remarkable endgame weapons, depending on who has shipwrecked in the ocean recently.
  • The Gulf of Stockton is east of here if you swim far enough. Good swim or a float vest is required to not drown.
  • Two wrecked vehicles are underwater here, which can be looted for crafting artifacts.
  • Rupture is hidden here, somewhere underwater. It's so "hidden" that you can see it on lm, in fact.

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.