Sharpton Projects

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Located in Gangland, the Sharpton Projects is a sprawling maze of rat nests and maintenance ducts in the remains of an abanconed housing projects building. Sharpton is visited for its two mutation spots, as well as its scavenging opportunities. Navigating the whole of Sharpton is very difficult without a little Scavenge skill, oweing to the high number of hidden passages dotted around.


  • Rats of various size scurry around here:
    • Small rats are harmless, and leave no corpse when killed.
    • Regular rats are no tougher than crackheads, and leave a tail when killed, which can be sold to Chester.
    • Large rats are tougher, and can pose serious danger to very low-level players. They drop rat tails as well as two rat meats each.
  • Chester is just inside the entrance to the interior. He is a possible target for the deliveryboy job, teaches repair to 1, and buys rat tails for a small reward.
  • Sharpton thugs wander around this area. They are non-aggressive and easy to lose in the labyrinthine passages; only two spawn at a time. They're much tougher than any other regular mob in Sharpton, wielding relatively high-damage clubs.
  • Nazkar and Moms are at the Firewalker mutation spot. Nazkar is benign, but Moms is an aggressive miniboss who hits for high fire damage. Both are invulnerable to regular damage types, and must be attacked with fire, electric, EMP, or other special damage types.
    • If Moms is killed, she drops her woman mask, which counts as a trophy.
  • Sharpton chobos live in the basement of Sharpton. They're stronger than regular chobos, and give more XP and their own unique kill journal.


Sharpton has several floors, as well as a small exterior zone. Across the interior of Sharpton, there are scavenge tiles with a variety of drops. The best loot is concentrated in the rat nest areas, which are also where the largest rats hang out. Several hidden paths cris-cross the Projects, and some of them hide notable loot. If you're lost, lmap reveals all tiles near you, hidden and otherwise.


  • The entrance tile has a Meds-2-Go vending machine, which sells basic medical supplies, porn, and cigarettes.
  • The first tile also holds a rusted oil drum, which is a clean water source.


  • Three doors here that must be either bashed down or picked to pass by them - or approached from the unlocked side!
  • A filing cabinet in the Maintenance Cabinet room contains several low-level crafting schematics.
  • There is a butane tank in the same room - the only one in the game, in fact. You can refill butane torches here.
  • The Mule mutation spot is in the easternmost part of the basement, behind a locked door.

Ground Floor

  • A toolbox can be found next to Chester. It is a consistent spawn for nail gun schematics.
  • Much of the parking area to the south counts as a rat nest, with good scavenge loot.

Second Floor

  • The Firewalker mutation spot is here, behind the warped door. The door can be bashed down easily enough, but figuring out how to get it may take some searching.

Third Floor

  • Two rat nests are on this floor, just look out for the big rats.
  • There is a scratched metal cabinet in Apartment 326 (to the north, with a gunsmith's bench in it). This holds all the schematics necessary for building and tinkering with pipe guns.
  • A riot locker is in Apartment 318 (to the southwest) mostly contains truncheons, but has a small chance of containing a Nail Sjambok, which is useful for low-level Whips users.