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Only a real brainy nemesis would name himself Dr.Inventor or something.. I dunno..


Science is the skill used for inventing things with a Research Simulator or making skill checks on some science inventions, such as Disruptors and PortalGuns, and also for a few high-tech weapons. Skill in science is solely dependant on brains.

So how do I raise my science skill?

You grind science by using science items. The proton pack is an example of a weapon that grinds science when used. But be careful, as science items can harm you when you have low science skill. Crafting items which require you to have skill in science can net you science ip, as can using research simulators, including the food coprocessor.

A good idea is to complete the Ghostbuster job first, as this will give you a level in science and an item of skill enhancing clothing. There also are other clothing items which give a plus to your science skill while you are wearing them.

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