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Scavenging: An obsessive compulsive adventure involving empty cheeto bags and shredded credit cards.

You've seen all the big players running around, toting massive weapons right? wearing flash armour, killing you randomly in one blow as they pass by? Well, this guide wont help you beat them. What it will tell you to do, is how and were to start on the long, glorious road to accumulating massive piles of junk that you or your fellow corp members can use to make exciting new things through the power of crafting.

First off, what is scavenge? well, you search. Then you find things. Easy enough, to do it type search. just like that. Find anything yet? no? well, a lot of indoor areas don't have a scavenge loot table. Try outside. If you are new to the game, outside will probably be the streets of Freedom City. Don't expect anything amazing yet, or even remotely valuable. Rusty spikes, tracts (read the first one, it's good for a laugh, junk the rest.), empty brass rounds and so on. Once you are full, ask people in your corp if any of the stuff you have is useful to them. You never know, they might be able to make some amazing contraption with all the junk.

If they say no, check the map (just type map), look for the building marked SU. This is Avrams store Salvage Unlimited. Avram buys almost all your junk. Go ahead and sell something. 'Sell rusty' will probably work here, or sell 'empty brass'. There, see? free money. Not a lot, but some. Want to make more? okay, head slightly north, and west till you hit gangland. This isn't Freedom City, so other players can kill you here if they want. It isn't night time is it? if it is, run little newbie, run home! There are bad people here at night. Why are we here then you might ask? well, if it's daytime, there are no enemies here, so we can scavenge at will without fear. (Unless someone planted a few landmines, but what can you do?) Out here there's one item in particular you want - Chrome Hubcaps. They sell to Avram for over 100 hellbux each. Not bad going is it? especially when the alternative is getting your face kicked off by an orphan, then having your corpse sodomised by whoever decided to nuke the orphanage today.

Movin' on up...

You made some cash, you got some gear, now what? well, there are two choices. Go back and beat the SHIT out of those little orphan bastards. Make 'em all pay. But just in case, you got a cocoon capsule right? If you do die, they deploy and keep all your precious, precious loot nice and safe. One use only, but it is worth it. (The store is called Eschaton Outfitters and is EO on the map) Anyways, orphans dead and violated, revenge is had. Now what? well, there's the Crack Mansion (CM amazingly enough) Sometimes the crackheads attack, sometimes they don't. It's an adventure! Go in, type out our old friend search and let's see what we win, shall we?

The Souls of Black Folks? Empty Syringe? a Lead Bar? what? well, yeah, it is a crack house. Some of the stuff is useful to crafters. Some of it is junk. Ask your corp.

If your crafters say it's junk, take it to Avram, come back for more. Make a note of what's good to sell and what isn't. No use filling up on trash. Keep an eye on the crackheads though. Sometimes one will ask you for crack. What if he does, you might ask? well, you probably found at least one rock. Give it to him, instant payout. If you are feeling really saucy, try smacking a bitch up. Sometimes they fall down and you loot 'em, sometimes they surrender. You'll get a message about letting them live, if you do you get all their cash. Take it then smack 'em up anyway. Serves 'em right. This is what scavenging is all about boys and girls! If you are really good, you might have spotted a crate or a footlocker, or even a cardboard box. type 'open foot/crate/cardboard' and look inside! who knows what wonders await you? Take it all, you found it.

After the Crack Mansion

You should head next to Sharpton Projects. If you wandered far enough into gangland looking for hubcaps, you might have spotted the building marked SH. Head inside. Now, this is a nice place to type our old friend search. Mostly you get items, but sometimes you find secret passages! yup, HellMOO has those. sometimes you go another room, sometimes you get lucky and find a rats nest! there are rats here, lets face it, one has probably chewed your face off at least once by now. The fun thing about rats is, they like to leave little piles of items hidden away, just ripe for someone to clean out. Watch out for the hairless rat though. Nasty nasty critter that one. Oh, if you do kill a rat, search it. They eat newbies. Never know if someone else s bad luck can be your good luck, do we?

What do I do now?

Crafting. You might have found something dropped in the street as you wander about. Pattern for, recipe for, schematic for... well, you can make them if you have the right items and the right bench. There are a few dotted about that you can easily get, and more that you can buy from the book store in Freedom City. It's in the north east area, and called the Grumbard-Sanders Book Emporium( GS on the map) There's a dumpster in the north of FC that has a recipe, and one of the apartments has a pattern hidden away. There's a cabinet in the bottom of Sharpton Projects that has a few in, and there's somewhere under the orphanage that always seems to have a recipie as well. I'd say keep an eye out, but after reading this far you are either gonna do that anyway or log off and never play HellMOO again. Either way, have fun.

Your corp probably already has one or two schems. If they don't, they are probably in the process of getting them using scientific research.

-- Main.ScrapIron - 28 Jul 2008

Scavenge Tables

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