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Salamander is a focus mutation often taken for its low-cost utility and mobility boosts.


Salamander is located in the Toxic Cave on the Shoreline. The entrance is guarded by Gator Boy, who is slightly stronger than the crackheads in the crack mansion.


This mutation grants:

    +4 to swim
    +4 to climb
    +1 to focus
    -1 to craft
    The mend ability: trade stress for fixes to broken bones and a small heal.


  • +4 climb and swim helps people get around, especially low-endurance builds.
  • Easy to reach in the early game, which is when many players will need its mobility most.
  • 6-health burst heal with mend, which can save your life from bad bleeds and boost your self-healing.
  • Fixes broken bones with mend, so no medic is required for insta-casts.
  • Great freak synergy; freaks can spam this for free health and destress every few seconds.


  • -1 craft. This is negligible; it's very easy to get enough craft to build most things in the game anyway.
  • 15+ focus, high stress cost. Mend can be a really stressful ability to use, though most anyone can hit 15 focus.
  • Slow. Mend has a long casting time and a long cooldown, though it does become shorter with better focus.


Mend heals around 6 health and repairs broken bones when used, at the cost of a large stress hit. It uses the focus skill. It has a long cooldown and a long cast time, though both of these decrease substantially with higher focus. This ability requires around 15-17 focus to use consistently. If it fails, the player will gain stress and restore no health. It will automatically fail if used at full health with no broken bones.


This mutation adds the following text to a character's description:

   He/She has webbed fingers.

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