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  • Symbol: JEWS
  • CEO: Happyfriend


What was once one of the most notorious and hated blackhat corps in the game, JEWS has cooled down a bit ever since leadership fell haplessly onto the lap of newJEW Caufman. Originally founded by Sargo, JEWS was often accused of griefing newbies and robbing from its newbies. It remains today the richest active player corp in the game. Ever since the disappearance of the JEWS senior managers, the corporation has lost its reputation as being a violent, domineering corp, and now it attempts to make peace with its neighbors in Hell.

In October 2007, Caufman returned JEWS to HappyFriend after making a deal where he would return the corporation and the company account for $1 million. It doesn't really make much sense since he gave back $8 million in corp funds, so who knows.

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