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Affectionately referred to as the Juicer corp, SCAV's primary ethos is "never throw anything away". A corporation of pack rats, SCAV is always keen to attract crafters who want to make use of their raw materials, as well as muscle to look after people on foraging expeditions. There's something for everyone in SCAV, especially if you enjoy the company of chickens, parrots and security drones.

Note: Due to some terrible corporate espionage and betrayal, SCAVcorp became the enemy number one of almost every corp before it's eventual downfall. Thanks to vangoghcrc and screwface, they ganked and sacked many players. Their previous HQ, Shoreline Baths, was riddled with problems that admins decided to ascend it to the heavens, inaccessible to players. Now Defunct. -Avery

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NPC corporation for new players ENEMA
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