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Rubberskin is a soak mutation which adds electric and acid soaks. It's also the prequisite for Silicone Skin.


Rubberskin is in Maas Neotek, in the City Lights building; see CL on the map. The mutation tile is at the top of the building, guarded by some hepcats; two have switchblades, and one has a revolver.


This mutation grants:

    +3-6 electric
    +1-3 acid resistance
    +2 HP


  • 3-6 elec soak. Electricity is hard to soak, and is also encountered during high-level lockpicking, so this is a medium to high-value soak.
  • 1-3 acid soak. This helps freaks resist their own blood, but acid damage in general is otherwise very rare; this is a low-value soak.
  • +2 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


Takes up a soak slot.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

   He/She has tough, rubbery skin.

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