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A mutation that gives a player claws for use in climbing and combat. It is a pre-requisite for becoming an Abomination and is mutually exclusive with Nimble Fingers. Ripper is a very unpopular mutation, oweing to its minor buffs and immense cost.


Ripper is located in the vampire nest deep within the mines located in the northeastern part of the Mountain Pass. If you're very low XP, some of the mobs here may pose a threat to you. Most fists builds take Stench; musk grants mostly safe passage. Otherwise, an escort may be necessary.

The mutation spot is on the second level of the mines, which is pitch-black; a light source will be needed. The tile is across the southern end of the underground river, right next to the forge.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +1 to fists
    Passive: +2 to climb
    Passive: -5 to locksmith
    Passive: -4 to craft
    Passive: -3 to repair
    Passive: -3 to medic
    Passive: -1 to pilot
    Passive: -1 to chemistry 
    Passive: Ripper claws weapon replaces fists
    butcher and fish wank commands can be used without tools
    wank will cause self-damage.


  • +1 Fists, which leads to +1 to-hit and a small damage boost in early game, when fisters haven't maxed out their skill scaling naturally yet.
  • +2 Climb. This is a totally wasted bonus; fists builds already have great climb due to their stats.
  • Less tools. Rippers can butcher and rend (see Bleeder) without a blade (and fish without a pole (though fish will not survive).
  • Innate claw weapon. This leaves rippers slightly better equipped in rare weapons-free fights.
  • Fulfills Abomination requirement.


  • -1 Pilot is an additional problem for fisters, who already struggle with pilot skill.
  • -3 Medic is an extremely stiff penalty on a class that already has difficulty with medic. Some ripper builds give up on medic entirely.
  • -4 Craft. Craft is not important to most fisters until the very lategame, when plane crafting is by far the best source of XP. At that point, Ripper mutants will struggle.
  • Can't wank. Masturbating with ripper will inflict heavy bleeds and damage. Using fondle will also challenge targets and damage them.
  • Useless claws. They are almost purely a hindrance, and awful as a weapon, since other Fists weapons are so cheap and easy to acquire.
  • Incompatible with Nimble Fingers, one of the only 2 mutations that boost Reflexes.
  • Alvin attacks on sight in the Orphanage. He's not strong but will catch low XP players off-guard.


This mutation will add the following line to a character's description:

   He/She has big fucking bone claws sticking out of his/her arms.

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